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Outstanding Titles

The following titles received ratings of "Outstanding" (O) by members of the 2006 University Press Books Committee. "Outstanding" titles are defined as having exceptional editorial content and subject matter. They are essential editions to most library collections.


Traill, William Edward (Edited by K. Douglas Munro)

Fur Trade Letters of Willie Traill 1864-1893

The University of Alberta Press

"Willie Traill left Upper Canada to join the Hudson Bay Company as a clerk. His details and portrait of family life in the fur trade of the Northwest are extraordinary. This is a fascinating tale of the frontier of the Canadian West and should not be missed by those interested in this historical era."--Dr. Theresa Maggio (PLA)


Boomhower, Ray E.

The Soldier's Friend: A Life of Ernie Pyle

Indiana Historical Society Press

"An illustrated biography of a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter who covered World War II. Ernie Pyle died in combat in the Pacific. Included are many photographs of Pyle with the troops and reprints of several of his most famous warfront columns."--Karen Perry (AASL)


Shapiro, Fred R. (Editor); Foreword by Joseph Epstein

The Yale Book of Quotations

Yale University Press

"An inclusive reference source for quotations of all types. Indexed by keyword and author."--Karen Perry (AASL)


Frankl, Viktor E. (Foreword by Harold S. Kushner)

Man's Search for Meaning

Beacon Press

"An accessible edition of the enduring classic. The spiritual account of the Holocaust and the description of logotherapy meets generations' need for hope."--Donna O. Dziedzic (PLA)


Holbrook, Kate, et al. (Editors)

Global Values 101: A Short Course

Beacon Press

"A compilation of interviews from a popular, top ranked Harvard class. The guests, such as Robert Reich and Lani Guinier, provide thoughtful and thought provoking concepts and insides on today's world. The insights serve to open the reader's mind and encourage thoughtful reflection."--Donna O. Dziedzic (PLA)


Magida, Arthur J.

Opening the Doors of Wonder: Reflections on Religious Rites of Passage

University of California Press

"Essays by people such as Deepak Chopra and Elie Weisel about rites of passage and their meanings. The book looks at various religions and the individual's reactions to the rites now that they have lived through them."--Hilary Albert (PLA)

"This work represents a fresh look into religious rites of passage with intimate writings by such individuals as Julia Sweeney, Ram Dass, Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens), Deepak Chopra and Elie Wiesel. Each chapter presents a personal narrative of authors' religious backgrounds and the importance of rites of passage in their lives."--Carla Bauman-Franks (PLA)


Stein, David E.S. (Editor)

Contemporary Torah: A Gender-Sensitive Adaptation of the JPS Translation

The Jewish Publication Society

"In recent years, several gender sensitive renditions of the Torah have reached the market. This edition stands head and shoulders above the rest for this reason: the editors are careful to explain their criteria and cautious in applying them. The word "Adam," with its roots literally "in the clay" is an understandably acceptable rendering for humanity as a proper name for the first inhabitant of the Garden of Eden. Contemporary Torah is an outstanding body of work that adds to the general and specialized information within the genre. Appropriate for public, academic or special library collections."--Sonja Plummer-Morgan (PLA)


Geaves, Ron

"Key Words" Series (Christianity; Religious Studies; Buddhism; Hinduism; Islam; Judaism)

Georgetown University Press

"This series of six titles is outstanding in providing an accessible but in-depth glossary of specialized terms for each of the major world religions included."--Karen Perry (AASL)


Jonas, W. Glenn Jr.

The Baptist River: Essays on Many Tributaries of a Diverse Tradition

Mercer University Press

"Contributing authors illustrate the uniqueness and history of these distinct groups: American Baptists, Southern Baptists, Independent Baptists, North American Baptists, Primitive Baptists, Free Will Baptists and Seventh-Day Baptists. Religion students and general readers alike will appreciate this engaging and readable book."--Carla Bauman-Franks (PLA)


Mahmutcehajic, Rusmir (Foreword by William C. Chittick)

The Mosque: The Heart of Submission

Fordham University Press

"In this brief volume, the reader is invited into a pleasant and accessible world--the world of the mystic. Moses, Jesus and the Prophet set the stage for any human being to become a worshipper of the One; we have the chance to experience "The All of Being." This is truly an outstanding acquisition for public and academic libraries."--Sonja Plummer-Morgan (PLA)


Jenkins, Henry

Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide

New York University Press

"A difficult book to write a review on--the book is very good and presents excellent information on the concept of convergence culture--but, as the author admits, defining exactly what convergence culture is and how to "manage" it is difficult at best. Recommended for public libraries."--Trisha Burns (PLA)


Masood, Ehsan and Daniel Schaffer (Editors)

Dry: Life Without Water

Harvard University Press

"This title brings to the fore how much we take for granted in terms of access to water for sustaining life. Sixteen examples of how arid regions of the world struggle to collect water are highlighted. Extremely innovative techniques have been put into use by absolute necessity--giant nets are used on mountaintops to collect water from fog as one example. Photos compliment the descriptions of the processes and are necessary to visualize the extreme situations."--Trisha Burns (PLA)


Savin-Williams, Ritch C.

The New Gay Teenager

Harvard University Press

"The author has written several ground-breaking books on "being gay" and this title are yet another welcome addition. Many new labels are being coined to describe the contemporary teen that belongs to a sexual minority; what is increasingly clear is that the teens themselves do not feel the need for a label and are not nearly as concerned with their sexuality as are others. The author critiques the psychological models that have been used for the past decades, positing that they must be updated to become relevant to the generations today."--Trisha Burns (PLA)


Smith, Sidonie and Julia Watson

Before They Could Vote: American Women's Autobiographical Writing, 1819-1919

The University of Wisconsin Press

"This collection of autobiographical writings contains both well-known writers such as Sojourner Truth and Margaret Fuller, along with writers such as Sarah Winnemucca, a member of the Paiute Nation who worked as a translator (while still a teenager) for the U.S. Army. The editors bring together a nice mix of diverse voices that offer us a new view of the class, ethnicity, and politics for women in nineteenth century America. Although intended for course use, public libraries should find a readership among those interested in women's history or early writings of women in America."--Trisha Burns (PLA)


Zanganeh, Lila Azam (Editor)

My Sister, Guard Your Veil; My Brother, Guard Your Eyes: Uncensored Iranian Voices

Beacon Press

"If you asked fifty people on the street in America to describe Iran, many would come up with a similar version of an Arab country led by a shah; they would be wrong. This small book offers a large view of Iran through the eyes of fifteen different Iranians who range from poets to writers to philosophers to film directors. The essays are intensely personal and readable--a good starting point for those who want to learn more about Iran beyond the Western perception."--Trisha Burns (PLA)


Stowe, Gene and Carl A. Sergio

Inherit the Land: Jim Crow Meets Miss Maggie's Will

University Press of Mississippi

"In 1920, two white sisters left their large estate in Mississippi to a black man and his daughter. This title is an account of the court battle that followed. Ultimately, an all white jury upheld the will of sisters Sallie and Maggie and awarded the estate to Bob Ross and his daughter Mittie, who had grown up in the sisters' household. Extensive quotes from the local newspapers show that the case forced local citizens to prevail against the status quo of the time. Many "players" in the case went on to state or federal positions within the American judicial system. Recommended for larger public libraries."--Trisha Burns (PLA)


Fischer, Claude S. and Michael Hout

Century of Difference: How America Changed in the Last One Hundred Years

Russell Sage Foundation

"This reference work is a handy addition to the ever-shrinking reference book collection. Differences in American family life, work and worship between the years of 1900 and 2000 are compared and examined in concise details. While the included statistics and graphs are plentiful and easy to use, most value is provided in the extensive commentary that breaths life into the data comparisons."--Carla Bauman-Franks (PLA)


Jennings, Kevin

Mama's Boy, Preacher's Son: A Memoir

Beacon Press

"This is a memoir by Kevin Jennings, the founder of GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Educational Network), a national educational organization which works to make schools places where all students are safe from harassment and are respected for their individual talents. Jennings writes of growing up poor and gay in the South during the 1970's and early 1980's. He tells of his experiences when coming out while at Harvard in the mid-1980's and of forming GSLEN, which focuses on people accepting who they are and also fights for the rights of others to claim their own identity. Not graphic or preachy, this book belongs in any high school that has students struggling with issues of identity and gender!"--Terri Lent (AASL)

"Jennings, founder of GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Educational Network, recounts his experiences with bigotry, fear, strength and inspiration within his immediate family, among school peers and in society in general. This work is an engaging account of a boy conflicted who goes on to lend vital support to other young people across the country."--Carla Bauman-Franks (PLA)


Sidel, Ruth

Unsung Heroines: Single Mothers and the American Dream

University of California Press

"Ruth Sidel's work will appeal to readers who devoured Barbara Ehrenreich's bestselling books. Through extensive interviews with women from a variety of backgrounds, Sidel examines the struggles individual single mothers experience with healthcare, work and childcare in the United States."--Carla Bauman-Franks (PLA)


Freeman, Lance

There Goes the 'Hood: Views of Gentrification from the Ground Up

Temple University Press

"Residents of Harlem and Clinton Hill, Brooklyn have experienced firsthand the effects of gentrification in their neighborhoods. Author Lance Freeman reveals those effects through interviews with the residents of these neighborhoods in this personal and thoroughly researched work."--Carla Bauman-Franks (PLA)


Carter, Susan B. (Editor), et al.

The Historical Statistics of the United States 5 Volume Set: Millennial Edition

Cambridge University Press

"Last updated (third edition, 2 volumes) in 1975, this five volume 'Millennial Edition' is an essential reference tool and is one of the mothers of all primary sources! The price will require a carefully planned place in the library budget, but all students and educators should have access to this "standard source for quantitative indicators of American history." Eighty scholars collaborated and wrote introductory, signed essays, to accompany two thousand tables. Their carefully edited, combined efforts have resulted in this awe-inspiring, monumental, five-thousand-page work. Some might be tempted just to subscribe to the online edition. By doing so they will deprive users of the wonderful serendipitous, digging around, 'Ahah!' moments that come only to the browser--moments that can produce the historians of the future."--Judith E. McGowan (AASL)


Young-Bruehl, Elisabeth

Why Arendt Matters

Yale University Press

"Hannah Arendt biographer, Elisabeth Young-Bruehl, has put together a splendid volume on the current political atmosphere in the United States and how the late Arendt might have reacted to the current state of American politics. Bruehl studied under Dr. Arendt who acted as Bruehl's mentor. Her access to previous private letters, published works and manuscripts written by Arendt throughout her life makes this volume come alive. She does an excellent job of placing Hannah Arendt's life in context with what was going on politically from the 1920's to the time of her death in the 1970's. This background makes Arendt's life meaningful to modern political science and once again puts Hannah Arendt back into the spotlight 30 years after her death. Bruehl seamlessly pieces together Arendt's writing with current political philosophy and precisely explains why journalists and politicos today have Arendt's message all wrong. This brief book is well worth the read."--Christina Maria Beaird (PLA)


Peri, Yoram

Generals in the Cabinet Room: How the Military Shapes Israeli Policy

United States Institute of Peace Press

"Rarely does a book of this nature come across as easy to read as Generals in the Cabinet Room. Yoram Peri takes the time to describe exactly how the Israeli Government and military interact without getting bogged down in jargon and political speak. He offers a pointed expose on how Israeli military officials control Israeli politics by wielding a tremendous amount of power within cabinet meetings and other private functions. He doesn't shy away from delicate topics such as the Oslo Accords, Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, the Intifadas, Suicide Bombers and the future of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process."--Christina Maria Beaird (PLA)


Jenkins, Brian Michael

Unconquerable Nation: Knowing Our Enemy, Strengthening Ourselves

RAND Corporation

"I was not prepared to like this book but instead found it to be a comprehensive, well-written, interesting book detailing what the United States is facing in its war on terror. The book begins with a clear analysis of the situation we are in and the dangers we are facing. He then outlines a practical and principled approach to dealing with the situation, while managing to maintain a rational balance of political criticism for both parties and their handling of the struggle. It is a hard-hitting, thought-provoking read that even high school students should read."--Janet W. Hilbun, PhD (AASL)


Pybus, Cassandra

Epic Journeys of Freedom: Runaway Slaves of the American Revolution and Their Global Quest for Liberty

Beacon Press

"Through her meticulous research and an engaging narrative, Pybus provides a superb collective biography of those slaves during the American Revolution who dared to pursue their dreams of freedom. This book would be an appropriate addition to either African-American History or Revolutionary War collections."--Clark E. Heath (AASL)

"This book shines because of Ms. Cassandra Pybus's stellar research. Her description of the upheaval surrounding the American Revolution is sound. Following leads on four different continents, Ms. Pybus pieces together the lives of several slaves who escaped from their colonial masters, including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, to British forces in hopes of freedom. The story continues after the end of the American Revolution when the retreating British withdrew from the American Continent and took the slaves back to Britain. From there, many were sent to various parts of the world such as Australia and the African country of Liberia. Cassandra Pybus's book adds much needed historical documentation to a group of people who have largely been forgotten by history. Every school and public library should own a copy of this book."--Christina Maria Beaird (PLA)


Hunt, Swanee

Half-Life of a Zealot

Duke University Press

"This beautifully written book takes readers on a rollercoaster ride through every conceivable emotion. Ms. Hunt tells her exceptional story of privilege and depravation, love and loss. Raised in a wealthy southern family, Swanee Hunt grew beyond her conservative upbringing to travel the world, first as a student, then as the United States Ambassador to Austria and finally as an international humanitarian. Ms. Hunt's book is one of the best autobiographies I have read in nearly a decade."--Christina Maria Beaird (PLA)


Haley, P. Edward

Strategies of Dominance: The Misdirection of U.S. Foreign Policy

The Woodrow Wilson Center Press (co-published by The Johns Hopkins University Press)

"This book stands apart form other recent books written about foreign policy because Edward Haley does not limit his critique to only the current administration. He adeptly traces current foreign policy initiatives back to their inception and explains how an initial decision made under a previous administration could set into motion a series of events, for good or bad, which the U.S. now faces. He acknowledges that hindsight is not always 20/20, and political figures cannot always anticipate all outcomes to a policy initiative, but does cite examples of failed or misguided policy from George H.W. Bush to the Current George W. Bush, such as Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, the aftermath of 9/11 and the War in Iraq. His book tries to be even-handed, which at times, is very hard to come by in this age of partisan finger-pointing."--Christina Maria Beaird (PLA)


Howard, Vicki

Brides, Inc.: American Weddings and the Business of Tradition

University of Pennsylvania Press

"Using journals, fiction, advertising, and etiquette books, Howard documents the growth of weddings in American history. Sociological, literary, and economic references are meshed to document the rise of wedding traditions ranging from the use of engagement rings to modern gift registries. First person accounts and illustrations enhance the descriptions of modern wedding practices especially during the first half of the last century."--Paul J. Gregorio (AASL)


Steiner, Mark E.

An Honest Calling: The Law Practice of Abraham Lincoln

Northern Illinois University Press

"This book creates a detailed portrait of the man known as "Honest Abe." It is one of the first looks at Lincoln the lawyer, his views on the practice of law, his education and the running of a law office. This is another look into this enigmatic president."--Hilary Albert (PLA)


LeBor, Adam

"Complicity with Evil": The United Nations in the Age of Modern Genocide

Yale University Press

"Adam LeBor looks at the United Nations in an age of Genocide. Bosnia, Rwanda and Sudan have all happened on the United Nation's watch and it is his assertion that history will show that much is due to its inaction."--Hilary Albert (PLA)


Matheson, Michael J.

Council Unbound: The Growth of UN Decision Making on Conflict and Postconflict Issues after the Cold War

United States Institute of Peace Press

"This book is an important discussion for those who want to understand how the council should work and actually does work from a legal standpoint. Written in a way that you don't have to be an international political scholar to understand and gain insight, Council Unbound is an excellent tool for learning about the inner-workings of the Security Council."--Hilary Albert (PLA)


Demers, Joanna

Steal This Music: How Intellectual Property Law Affects Musical Creativity

University of Georgia Press

"This book is timely and necessary. When cases are being filed against teenagers downloading music, songwriters who "borrow melodies unknowingly" and performers who don't realize they are breaking the law, Steal This Music is a good way to look at the tension created between the law and creative expression."--Hilary Albert (PLA)


Atwan, Abdel Bari

The Secret History of al Qaeda

University of California Press

"Abdel Bari Atwan is an Arab Muslim who lives in London; he is also a reporter. As a Muslim and a reporter, he is one of the few in the West who has actually interviewed Osama bin Laden personally. In this volume, Atwan not only tells his story of his encounter with bin Laden but also thoroughly analyzes the man, the organization, the adherents, the martyrs, the present, the future. Written in an interesting and compelling style, the book is a disturbing read about a situation for which there are no easy solutions."--Janet W. Hilbun, PhD (AASL)

"As a London newspaper editor who has interviewed Bin Laden in person, Abdel Bari Atwan describes the Al Qaeda movement in detail and gives his perspective on the goals and aims of the organization."--Karen Perry (AASL)


Lueders, Bill

Cry Rape: The True Story of One Woman's Harrowing Quest for Justice

The University of Wisconsin Press

"This is an excellent account of justice gone wrong. This story of a legally blind rape victim's struggle with the double nightmare of rape and revictimization at the hands of the Madison, Wisconsin police force is fast paced and reads like a mystery. The author tries to be even handed in his coverage, but it becomes obvious that in this case the policeman is not always your friend."--Saul J. Amdursky (PLA)


Burns, Eric

The Smoke of the Gods: A Social History of Tobacco

Temple University Press

"Burns documents the role of tobacco in American history from the European explorers to the 1960's. The growth of smoking and its effect on America life and politics is related in stories and media sources. The inclusion on anti-smoking efforts makes this a balanced and engaging account."--Paul J. Gregorio (AASL)

"This is a well-written commentary on the social side of tobacco. From the earliest Natives to today's huddled masses outside their non-smoking office buildings Eric Burns takes us on a journey through time that shows the many stages of tobacco's acceptance and rejection."--Hilary Albert (PLA)


Ben-Amos, Dan (Editor)

Folktales of the Jews: Volume 1, Tales from the Sephardic Dispersion

The Jewish Publication Society

"The first in a series, while it is more important for the library with a large folktale collection or a library that serves a large Jewish population, this work of 71 tales comes from the Israel Folktale Archives, a treasure house of Jewish lore that has only recently become available to the public."--Hilary Albert (PLA)


Marzolph, Ulrich (Editor)

The Arabian Nights Reader (Fairy- Tale Studies)

Wayne State University Press

"The past couple of years have seen a surge in scholarship about the 'Arabian Nights'. This reader brings together a selection of essays about the complex history and character of the tales. It is an excellent companion to the tales themselves."--Hilary Albert (PLA)


Jordan, Diann

Sisters in Science; Conversations with Black Women Scientists on Race, Gender, and Their Passion for Science

Purdue University Press

"The number of women in the sciences today are proportionately few, and the number of black women fewer still. This title provides a biography and interview with seventeen black women who are influential in their field of scientific endeavor. A brief history of African American women in the American sciences is provided. Recom-mended for larger public libraries."--Trisha Burns (PLA)


Kaler, James B.

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Stars

Cambridge University Press

"This comprehensive encyclopedia on stars and constellations relates through text, graphs, and line drawings and awesome photographs the location of celestial bodies, magnitudes, distances, galaxies in motion and star formations. Readers get in-depth information on everything relating to stars. This would be a great text to use with higher level high school or college math and science classes when it talks of stellar properties, double and multiple stars."--Gay Ann Loesch (AASL)


Dow, Kristin and Tom Downing

The Atlas of Climate Change: Mapping the World's Greatest Challenge

University of California Press

"With its maps, charts and figures, this climate change atlas shows us the present situation and the future consequences if we continue on the present path. Warning signs, like the warming of polar regions, retreating glaciers, weather related disasters, the increased greenhouse gases, and rising global temperatures begin the discussion on what is driving climate change, while ways to respond to these changes and committing to solutions conclude this small but powerful book on mapping the challenge of climate changes."--Gay Ann Loesch (AASL)


Erwin, Douglas H.

Extinction: How Life on Earth Nearly Ended 250 Million Years Ago

Princeton University Press

"The Smithsonian's Douglas Erwin becomes a sleuth and sets about to piece together the actual events that surrounded the mass extinction at the end of the Cretaceous period. Erwin is an expert in the Permian period of the earth's history and therefore able to use his research and that of others in the field to link events that led to the loss of 95 percent of marine species and 70 percent of terrestrial vertebrates. This volume is an invaluable addition to all scientific collections that include dinosaur extinction theories."--Susan Sexton-Cooley (PLA)


Attenborough, David

Life in the Undergrowth

Princeton University Press

"Companion to the television program of the same name which airs on Animal Planet. Sir Attenborough has an engaging way of discussing science and natural history, which makes it highly readable. He focuses his attention on invertebrates in this volume and the role they have played in evolutionary history. He also urges the reader to understand the complicated and important connection between these creatures and all others on earth. Recommended for all public libraries."--Susan Sexton-Cooley (PLA)


Turpin, Tom

Flies in the Face of Fashion, Mites Make Right, and Other BUGdacious Tales

Purdue University Press

"Insects and humans, insect biology, insect ecology, Lepidoptera, Hymenoptera, Dipera and other orders are presented with humor and wit in this easy to read small book with short chapters. Fact boxes with astounding facts at the end of chapters and a few funny black and white drawings enhance the text. The colorful, red, orange, green and red cover, small size, and whimsical narrative make this an informative and fun read."--Gay Ann Loesch (AASL)


Miller, Jeffrey C., Daniel H. Janzen, and Winifred Hallwachs

100 Caterpillars: Portraits from the Tropical Forests of Costa Rica

Harvard University Press

"Before learning about the behavior, ecology, and detailed description of the 100 caterpillars, the first one-third of this book shows glossy, full page colored photographs of the caterpillars. The coffee-table hardback title is cumbersome as a guide, but it is an excellent identification book for moths of the Costa Rica tropics with its concise text and gallery of caterpillars."--Gay Ann Loesch (AASL)


Ruckdeschel, Carol and C. Robert Shoop

Sea Turtles of the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of the United States

University of Georgia Press

"This guide to Atlantic and Gulf Coasts sea turtles begins with clear, descriptive text on the general behaviors of turtles and is followed by detailed information on the specifics of the habitat, status, size, color, shell, head, limbs, traits, diet, predators, nesting and hatchlings of leatherbacks, loggerheads, green turtles, hawksbill, olive ridley and Kemp's ridley turtles. Besides the comprehensive information on turtles and conservations efforts, there are superb, sharp, color photographs abounding on nearly every page and habitation maps for each turtle, making this a resource for middle schoolers to adults."--Gay Ann Loesch (AASL)


Swash, Andy and Rob Still

Birds, Mammals, and Reptiles of the Galápagos Islands: An Identification Guide, 2nd Edition

Yale University Press

"This handy sized guide to animals of the Galápagos Islands is divided into seven sections, beginning with a concise overview of the climate, geography and habitats of the islands. This small book would be beneficial for visitors to the islands. The majority of the book covers the birds' identifying features, species, subspecies, and habitats and includes a glossy photograph of each bird. Similar treatment is given to the reptiles and mammals of the Galápagos Islands pages. The book finishes with a useful chart of regularly occurring species."--Gay Ann Loesch (AASL)


Forshaw, Joseph M. (Illustrated by Frank Knight)

Parrots of the World: An Identification Guide

Princeton University Press

"As an introduction the reader learns about habitats, habits, calls, conservation, predators, disease, and international pet trade along with lengthy information on the order, family, subfamily and tribe of all known parrots. Parrots are divided into old world and new world parrots. About 120 glossy, colored photographs of parrots, along with range distribution maps and detailed descriptions of each parrot fill most of this large, informative book."--Gay Ann Loesch (AASL)


Shirihai, Hadoram and Brett Jarrett

Whales, Dolphins, and Other Marine Mammals of the World (Princeton Field Guides)

Princeton University Press

"This lavishly illustrated field guide to marine mammals with glossy, colored photographs, range maps and fact boxes giving characteristics on surfacing and typical behavior at the surface of whales and marine mammals. The variation by age and sex color diagrams, notes on physical characteristics and similar species, spout shapes, ecology make it ideal for study and for whale watching. It presents an enormous amount of information in an easy to use and readable format for young and old, novice or expert."--Gay Ann Loesch (AASL)


Jablonski, Nina G.

Skin: A Natural History

University of California Press

"Covering us up and holding our insides in, our skin is often taken for granted. Not only does it rank as our largest organ, it comes in many colors, is a barometer of what is going on inside of us, and can be decorated in a wide variety of ways. A thought-provoking look at a subject that seems one-dimensional, but really delves beneath the surface."--Trisha Burns (PLA)


Klindienst, Patricia

The Earth Knows My Name: Food, Culture, and Sustainability in the Gardens of Ethnic Americans

Beacon Press

"A wonderful set of real life stories with broad appeal to gardeners, foodies, environmentalists, and those with an interest in their own experience as descendants of immigrants. The issue of cultural assimilation is handled sensitively and the prose is evocative of the people and places visited."--Donna O. Dziedzic (PLA)


Johnson, Hugh

A Life Uncorked

University of California Press

"Both an autobiography and a lesson in all things "wine," this title will be enjoyed by many. The style of writing is such that just a few pages, or an entire chapter can be enjoyed at one sitting, just like a small glass of wine or an entire bottle can be enjoyed at a sitting. This is not a diary or dictionary of what is "best", rather a lovely journey where wine is the vehicle."--Trisha Burns (PLA)


Sauceman, Fred W.

The Place Setting: Timeless Tastes of the Mountain South, from Bright Hope to Frog Level-First Course

Mercer University Press

"A little bit of history, economics lessons, and story with your recipes? Written by a newspaper food columnist, this book shares the stories behind food businesses and res-taurants which operate in the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee, Virginia, and North Carolina."--Karen Perry (AASL)


Esty, Daniel C. and Andrew Winston

Green to Gold: How Smart Companies Use Environmental Strategy to Innovate, Create Value, and Build Competitive Advantage

Yale University Press

"With a renewed push to "go green," this title is timely for corporate America. The authors detail companies that are already making strides in environmental responsibility, along with those who used to be the "bad guys" and how they have changed or lost business. In addition, the authors discuss what didn't work, so that companies do not try to reinvent the wheel. Redesign of process and product, rather than trying to improve clean-up strategies for waste and pollution that is being produced, is the focus of the environmentally successful companies highlighted in this book. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from the philosophies and processes introduced here."--Trisha Burns (PLA)


Parkin, Katherine J.

Food Is Love: Advertising and Gender Roles in Modern America

University of Pennsylvania Press

"A vast majority of advertising pertaining to food has historically been targeted to women. Women have been told that they can keep peace, make their men wealthy, grow a superior child, and be a wonderful hostess if they just serve the right foods. Heavily researched, this book takes a look at the marketing and advertising schemes that over time, always come back to the theory that women should serve good food to demonstrate love for their families."--Trisha Burns (PLA)


Zuffi, Stefano

European Art of the Sixteenth Century

Getty Publications

"Each page of this fabulous little book focuses on one piece of art from the later era of the European Renaissance, divided into chapters entitled "key words," "places," and "leading artists." There is also a chronology that puts the major artists and works into the context of major historical events throughout Europe. The format of this book is consistent with the rest of the series Art Through the Centuries, and is explained on the back cover of the book. Each entry explains the theme's significance in art history and includes a color print of the work."--Terri Lent (AASL)


Howard, Angela Falco, et al.

Chinese Sculpture

Yale University Press

"This comprehensive source is divided into two sections, one focusing on the secular art (specifically burial art and spirit paths) and the other on religious subjects. Also included are a timeline of emperors and dynasties and a map of sculpture sites, which would be very helpful to students doing research on particular eras in Chinese history. Historical background of the dynasties and relevance of the accompany photos is explained in an informative and interesting way. This would be great additional for any schools who have large collections on ancient China or Eastern art."--Terri Lent (AASL)


Hardy, Michael

Coiling (Ceramics Handbooks)

University of Pennsylvania Press

"This thin little volume is packed with great photos, diagrams, history and explanations of the coiling process. The explanations are simple and detailed enough for the novice. This would be a great book for any art teacher. Note: school librarians should be aware that there are some photos of sculptures of nudes included in the book."--Terri Lent (AASL)


Baskett, John

The Horse in Art

Yale University Press

"Beginning with depictions of horses in ancient civilizations (including Asia), The Horse in Art is a comprehensive collection of horses in a variety of media formats, (sculpture, tapestry, bronze). Artists' biographies are including with explanations of the historical context of the illustrated work and the use the horse at the time. Given the popularity of horse drawings by kids, this book should be an instant hit as well as useful for historical or artistic research!"--Terri Lent (AASL)


Smith, Joel (Introduction by Charles Simic)

Saul Steinberg: Illuminations

Yale University Press

"An absolutely spectacular volume of Saul Steinberg's illustrations which highlights his work during the 40s and 50s and accompanied the exhibition of the same name organized at the Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center at Vassar College. Mr. Steinberg, who may be best known for his illustrations in the New Yorker (1914-1999), was born in Romania in 1914 and emigrated to the U.S. in 1942. Joel Smith, curator of the exhibition, maintains that Steinberg's works are "illuminated manuscripts" and he discusses this aspect thoroughly in his narrative. This book is recommended for all public libraries with extensive intellectual and aesthetic cartoon collections."--Susan Sexton-Cooley (PLA)


Brunetti, Ivan

An Anthology of Graphic Fiction, Cartoons, and True Stories

Yale University Press

"Brunetti offers a true "anthology" of some of the most well-known illustrators of graphic fiction. From page 11 to 396, this volume is packed with cartoon strips of well-known artists such as R. Crumb, Lynda Barry, Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez, Daniel Clowes, Gary Panter, Chester Brown, Chris Ware, and many others. This book is a perfect introduction to the new world of the graphic novel and would serve as a one volume resource guide for any collections."--Susan Sexton-Cooley (PLA)


Fair, Susan W. (Edited by Jean Blodgett)

Alaska Native Art: Tradition, Innovation, Continuity

University of Alaska Press

"Gorgeous photos showcase the wealth of works by contemporary Native artists in Alaska. Separate chapters focus on works by Eskimos, Aleuts and Alaska Indians, explaining the cultural references, which influence the traditional works. Explanations are detailed and highly readable for a high school audience, focusing on the purpose of the objects in the traditional societies. This would be a great addition to any high school looking to add titles to their non-Western art collection."--Terri Lent (AASL)


Kirkpatrick, Sidney

The Revenge of Thomas Eakins

Yale University Press

"Documentary filmmaker, Sidney Kirkpatrick, brings a new perspective to Eakin's lifelong struggle to have his work perceived as fine art and not illustration in this fascinating new biography of one of America's great artists. Eakin's life story has been viewed as complex and each new biography of the man reveals a deeper understanding of how he viewed his work, his students and his family. This volume includes 42 color plates of his paintings and 50 black and white photographs. This book is recommended for all public libraries."--Susan Sexton-Cooley (PLA)


Ormond, Richard and Warren Adelson

Sargent's Venice

Yale University Press

"This book is divided into five chapters which discuss aspects of Sargent's love affair and resulting paintings of a city that he explored with his paint brush. Richard Ormond, great nephew of American painter John Singer Sargent, presents a chapter on Sargent's work in Venice from 1900-1913. Other chapters are written by leading Sargent scholars who trace the artist's cultural life within an expatriate colony of others from America and Britain. Wonderful color illustrations are included in each chapter of this large format book. Recommended for all public libraries with extensive art collections."--Susan Sexton-Cooley (PLA)


Macmillan, Neil

An A-Z of Type Designers

Yale University Press

"This book is not only visually stimulating, but also meticulously compiled. Each designer is represented by a list of type they designed as well as any writings by or about them and a very brief biography. Neil Macmillan also includes brief essays on topics like font as self-expression, nationality and type and typeface revivals. The book is not meant to be scholarly, but rather a quick reference guide to types and designers. Macmillan's choice of graphics is outstanding encompassing centuries of type. He does a spectacular job keeping the reader stimulated and eager to learn more."--Christina Maria Beaird (PLA)


Theisen, Olive Jensen

A Life on Paper: The Drawings and Lithographs of John Thomas Biggers

The University of North Texas Press

"Biggers used his life experiences in his lithographs. His works collected within this monograph span over 50 years. His earliest works of pencil on paper were rudimentary compared to his later works and show his stark outlook on life and his fear of being drafted in WWII. It was his first visit to Africa in 1957 that he began to integrate his southern memories and African symbolism. From that point on, his work began to show 'an interconnectedness' of life that continued throughout the rest of his career. Family was essential to him. Because of this, many of his later lithographs have a family oriented theme. Theisen does a beautiful job of melding John Biggers' life and work together into a coherent theme. The lithographs interspersed with text are deeply moving and allow the reader the opportunity to evolve along with Biggers. While this book is more suited to large art collections, the beauty of this book alone would make this book valuable in any library collection."--Christina Maria Beaird (PLA)


Price, Sally and Richard Price

Romare Bearden: The Caribbean Dimension

University of Pennsylvania Press

"An illustrated biography of Romare Bearden, an Afro-American artist from Charlotte, NC, whose most celebrated paintings came from the time period he spent living in the Caribbean islands. Includes beautifully reproduced color plates of over 100 paintings along with drawings Bearden made in correspondence with friends and other projects."--Karen Perry (AASL)


Eisen, Cliff and Simon P. Keefe

The Cambridge Mozart Encyclopedia

Cambridge University Press

"This single-volume reference work represents Mozart, the man, as concisely as any work can, unless the researcher examines Mozart's own writings and letters. This work is an excellent assembly of scholars, critics, and writers, and will be considered an absolute benchmark in reference tools with regard to the study of Mozart. A must for any reference or professional collection."--Barbara Bertoldo (AASL)

"An extensive encyclopedia on Mozart, this title covers the usual entries but also includes entries such as articles on how Mozart influenced other ideas of the eighteenth century. It also includes entries on current literature pertaining to Mozart and lists DVD's, organizations, and websites. Accessible to both the Mozart opera buff and the Mozart scholar."--Trisha Burns (PLA)


Hollis, Tim and Greg Ehrbar

Mouse Tracks: The Story of Walt Disney Records

University Press of Mississippi

"This title chronicles the creation, growth, and continued success of what was originally known as Walt Disney Records. Anyone who ever sang "The Ballad of Davy Crockett" will be entranced by this title, as will the generation who grew up with the New Mickey Mouse Club. Not only is the story of the record company itself told, the story of many of the performers is also outlined. A great piece of history that has, up to now, not been well-documented."--Trisha Burns (PLA)


Banfield, Stephen

Jerome Kern

Yale University Press

"A founding father of the modern American musical theater, Jerome Kern (1885-1945) was the composer of a multitude of popular songs. Banfield provides a critical overview of Kern's musical accomplishments throughout his career and thoroughly covers the era from Broadway, to Hollywood, drawing on unpublished manuscripts and scores to illustrate the composer's breadth of experience. Kern's life, personality, and working methods are detailed thoroughly, as is the development of his work from the early musical comedies through the collaborations with Hammerstein and P. G. Wodehouse up to the later film scores. Banfield focuses with exceptional style on the musical and lyrical structures of Kern's compositions."--Barbara Bertoldo (AASL)


Gioia, Ted

Healing Songs

Duke University Press

"Another volume in a planned three volume set that includes the title Work Songs, (reviewed elsewhere in the list) Healing Songs examines the power song and music has to heal the mind and body. The author posits that the combination of Western medical practices and traditional healing practices that incorporate music is the most promising path and should be taken more seriously."--Trisha Burns (PLA)


Gioia, Ted

Work Songs

Duke University Press

"Author Ted Gioia presents the work songs of a wide variety of occupations. Laborers in the field, lumberjacks, sailors, miners, and more; all have a specific set of songs that were born through their experiences of work. Gioia offers two thoughts for the reader to ponder--are work songs simply music for the sake of being music, or are they expected to improve our lives in some way? Many actual lyrics are included, from those that are well known like "John Henry" to those that have rarely been heard outside their original environment."--Trisha Burns (PLA)


Prieto, Carlos (Translated by Elena C. Murray)

The Adventures of a Cello

University of Texas Press

"The allure and mystery of the violins, cellos, and violas crafted by Antonio Stradivari have been a constant through the years and remain so even today. This title recounts the story of a Stradivarius cello from its' creation through its current owner, cellist Carlos Prieto. Included in the book is a review of cello music, accompanied by a CD of recordings of the author performing with his remarkable cello. Interesting for the layperson due to the chatty nature of the book--a musician will find it equally fascinating thanks to the history and review of the cello music."--Trisha Burns (PLA)


Herbert, Trevor

The Trombome (Yale Musical Instrument Series)

Yale University Press

"Yale Musical Instrument Series presents the first comprehensive study of the trombone in English. It covers the instrument, its repertoire, the way it has been played, and the social, cultural, and aesthetic contexts within which it has developed. The book explores the origins of the instrument, its invention in the fifteenth century, and its story up to modern times, also revealing hidden aspects of the trombone in different eras and countries. Excellent for reference or professional collections."--Barbara Bertoldo (AASL)


Fisher, Barbara Milberg

In Balanchine's Company: A Dancer's Memoir

Wesleyan University Press

"This memoir recounts the formative years of the New York City Ballet and the legacy of George Balanchine. Like any good memoir, there are amusing anecdotes, stories of collaborative efforts, and descriptions of breakthrough events that were critical to the development of both the company and its dancers. This is an insightful and entertaining volume."--Saul J. Amdursky (PLA)


Thomson, Cindy and Scott Brown

Three Finger: The Mordecai Brown Story

University of Nebraska Press

"The last time the Cubs won the pennant, Brown was a critical member of the pitching staff. The fact that he overcame a serious handicap to become one of the premier pitchers of his day makes this a very appealing story. This volume is accessibly written and will be appreciated by baseball buffs everywhere."--Saul J. Amdursky (PLA)


Thompson, Christopher S.

The Tour de France: A Cultural History

University of California Press

"Thanks to Lance Armstrong, the Tour de France has become one of the most popular sports events for the American public. Christopher S. Thompson tells the story of the race, from its creation in 1903 to the present. Adding to the interest of the book is his analysis of what was happening culturally during key points of the event-world wars, music, politics, novels, to name a few. Whether read cover-to-cover, "dipped" into to read about certain times or events, or used for research, this is a fun book."--Janet W. Hilbun, PhD (AASL)


Steele, Timothy

Toward the Winter Solstice: New Poems

Ohio University Press/Swallow Press

"With a fresh, new look at ordinary events, with a tone echoing Robert Frost or Richard Wilber, the lines of Steele's works echo in the mind. Not a widely recognized poet, but one whose works embody excellence in their whimsical language and poetic detail."--Barbara Bertoldo (AASL)


Whitt, Margaret Earley (Editor)

Short Stories of the Civil Rights Movement

University of Georgia Press

"This anthology of 23 stories of the modern civil rights movement in America features authors such as James Baldwin, Roselle Brown, John Updike, Alice Walker and Eudora Welty. The selections form a historical narrative to include school desegregation, sit-ins, marches and demonstrations, and acts of violence. The inclusion of various perspectives and historical introductions and a chronology make this a solid introduction to this period of American history."--Paul J. Gregorio (AASL)

"Including stories by James Baldwin, John Updike, Alice Walker, Eudora Welty and others, this anthology gives voice to the nameless ordinary citizens without whom the movement would have failed."--Hilary Albert (PLA)


Chopin, Kate (Edited by Per Seyersted)

The Complete Works of Kate Chopin

Louisiana State University Press

"A necessary contribution to American literature, this complete collection allows the reader insight into the written world of Kate Chopin."--Hilary Albert (PLA)


Dunbar, Paul Laurence (Edited by Gene Andrew Jarrett and Thomas Lewis Morgan)

The Complete Stories of Paul Laurence Dunbar

Ohio University Press

"Students are often exposed to Dunbar's poetry but this comprehensive collection of his stories deserves a place in a high school library as well. Dunbar's unique perspective, and stunning use of dialect renders these stories difficult to forget, and provides a rich reading experience. It would be easy to pass over Dunbar's short stories in favor of his poetry, but this collection proves his talent as a prose writer as well."--Mary Ann Harlan (AASL)

"One of the first African American writers to gain success, Dunbar's collection of stories shows his evolution as a writer and helps people to understand his place in American literature."--Hilary Albert (PLA)


Dreiser, Theodore (Edited by James L. W. West)

Jennie Gerhardt

University of Pennsylvania Press/Pine Street Books

"Edited by James L. W. West III in the tradition of the University of Pennsylvania Dreiser Edition, the text is recaptured in its original form. Regarded as one of his three best novels, this edition is a must for any public library."--Hilary Albert (PLA)


Lamb, Harold (Edited by Howard Andrew Jones)

Wolf of the Steppes: The Complete Cossack Adventures, Volume 1

University of Nebraska Press

"A fun, adventurous collection that tells the many tales of Khlit the Cossack. Originally pulp fiction, Lamb collects the tales in this volume, including some which were not published. It is true adventure in which Khlit out-fights, and more often out-foxes his foes to emerge the winner. It is a fun read, and boys--particularly those in middle school--will find plenty to keep them reading."--Mary Ann Harlan (AASL)


González, Rigerberto

Butterfly Boy: Memories of a Chicano Mariposa

The University of Wisconsin Press

"With the surge in popularity for the memoir, this autobiography will surely be a mainstay. It is beautifully written."--Hilary Albert (PLA)


Komunyakaa, Yusef and Chad Gracia

Gilgamesh: A Verse Play

Wesleyan University Press

"The first dramatic adaptation of Gilgamesh, this is a powerful and engaging interpretation of the world's oldest story...man's search for immortality. The authors, Komunyakaa and Gracia have brilliantly worked this classic Sumerian legend into an intriguingly stark but powerful verse play. Gilgamesh, part god and part man, embarks on a nether-world quest in search of immortality. This 21st-century version augments the key themes of the story and weaves them into a brilliant new format."--Barbara Bertoldo (AASL)

"This is the first dramatic adaptation of Gilgamesh and it brings it to life in such a way that it is accessible and understandable to all. It is an important addition to any collection."--Hilary Albert (PLA)


Meissner, Bill

The Road to Cosmos: The Faces of An American Town

University of Notre Dame Press

"This collection of short stories examines both the eccentric characters of the town of Cosmos and a young man's volatile and complicated relationship with his father. The stories of the father/son relationship are explored in all the complexity and tension of growing up, and letting go. Meissner expertly catches a depth of emotion with few words, and the town, and more importantly the relationship between Skip and his father unfold in the mind's eye. A beautiful, touching collection."--Mary Ann Harlan (AASL)


Thoreau, Henry D. (Edited by Jeffrey S. Cramer)


Yale University Press

"One of America's most indispensable pieces of literature edited to make it as fresh and powerful as the day it was first written."--Hilary Albert (PLA)


Eliot, T.S. (Edited by Lawrence Rainey)

The Annotated Waste Land with Eliot's Contemporary Prose: Second Edition

Yale University Press

"This award winning work is considered by many to be the definitive edition of this important, controversial, challenging modernist poem. Also included are the essays Eliot wrote as he was composing The Waste Land. If your AP students undertake a study of the original work, this annotated edition provides an excellent supplementary service. The second edition contains some modifications to the notes and corrects some typographical errors that are in the first edition."--Judith E. McGowan (AASL)


Baker, Nancy L. and Nancy Huling

A Research Guide for Undergraduate Students (Sixth Edition)

Modern Language Association

"Research Guide provides dozens of research samples from the library's online catalog to databases. Includes a new chapter with bibliographic citation managers."--Barbara Bertoldo (AASL)

"A GoogleTM search of the phrase 'research guide for undergraduate students' reveals hundreds of citations of this work because, like its' companion, The MLA Guide to Style, its' use is highly recommended, if not required, by many universities. Even though many of the sources cited will not be in the high school collection, the guide gives structure to the search process and should be available in secondary school libraries."--Judith E. McGowan (AASL)


Kelleher, Margaret and Philip O'Leary (Editors)

The Cambridge History of Irish Literature, 2 volumes

Cambridge University Press

"English literature has laid claim to many giants who were, in fact, Irish. It is tempting, therefore, to think a guide to Irish literature unnecessary if one has a guide to British literature. This comprehensive guide to Irish literature from medieval times to the modern era restores many geniuses, from Behan to Yeats to their Irishness. Renowned experts in each field contributed excellent essays. Indexes for each volume are thorough and very detailed. Chronologies help the reader to place the discussions in historical perspective. For AP English classes this would be a welcome resource."--Judith E. McGowan (AASL)


Cooper, Tarnya

Searching for Shakespeare

Yale University Press

"This book selects fifteen images of items from the culture of Shakespeare's time (e.g., manuscripts, portraits of significant people) and gives the provenance, history, significance and its relation to Shakespeare. The brilliantly color illustrated portraits are enhanced by essays of leading literary and art historians in conjunction with the ex-hibition at London's Portrait Gallery."--Dr. Theresa Maggio (PLA)


Shakespeare, William (annotated, with an introduction by Burton Raffel)

"The Annotated Shakespeare" Series: Henry the Fourth, Part I; Julius Caesar; The Merchant of Venice; The Tempest

Yale University Press

"The volumes in this series will enrich any library that stocks annotated editions of individual Shakespearean plays. Professor Raffel contributes two introductory essays and on-page annotations that aid the reader in vocabulary, usage of Elizabethan English, pronunciation, alternative readings of phrases and lines, and prosody, i.e. metric structure or accents. Harold Bloom contributes an essay that is specific to the play in each volume. Especially helpful are definitions of common words that have changed meanings over the past four hundred years. It's fun to learn from notes that statements that are obscure today were, on the stage of the Globe, really quite bawdy. This series thus far includes: Hamlet (2003), A Midsummer Night's Dream (2004), Macbeth (2005), Othello (2005), Romeo and Juliet (2004), and The Taming of the Shrew (2005)."--Judith E. McGowan (AASL)


Zweig, Stefanie (Translated by Marlies Comjean)

Somewhere in Germany: An Autobiographic Novel

The University of Wisconsin Press

"The story of Regina and her family continues in the sequel to Nowhere in Africa as the family returns to postwar Germany and her father once again works as a lawyer. Germany, though, seems as strange and unwelcoming in 1946 as Kenya did in 1938. The story follows Regina's teenage years and development into a young career woman. While not as strong as Nowhere in Africa, the book is a compelling read that puts closure on Regina's story."--Janet W. Hilbun, PhD (AASL)


Rosenfarb, Chava

The Tree of Life: A Trilogy of Life in the Lodz Ghetto: Book Three: The Cattle Cars Are Waiting, 1942-1944

The University of Wisconsin Press

"The Tree of Life is a moving series of personal stories from "inside the community of the condemned." The residents of the Lodz ghetto had learned the truth of the Holocaust and had to wait their turn. One young woman turns into a sexual plaything for her overseers, trying to buy more time for herself. When her lovers reject her, as well as her own people reject her, she persists in the pursuit of survival. It is a tale of horror and triumph rolled into one outstanding book. Highly recommended for all types of library collections."--Sonja Plummer-Morgan (PLA)


Bledsoe, Lucy Jane

The Ice Cave: A Woman's Adventures from the Mojave to the Antarctic

The University of Wisconsin Press

"With these eleven well-crafted essays, the author carves out a comfortable niche for herself as a travel/adventure writer. What she seeks is a greater understanding of herself through her exploration of the wilderness. After an incident in the Sierras, Bledsoe writes, "I quickly saw that neither grace nor will could be understood without looking deeply at fear, a theme that had arisen time and again in my writings about the wild." A good addition to action/adventure collections."--Saul J. Amdursky (PLA)


Hayes, Derek

Historical Atlas of the United States: With Original Maps

University of California Press

"Hayes has used more than 500 historical maps from collections around the world. This work is not only stunning, but does an excellent job of telling America's story from a geographical perspective. Covers more than half a millennium in U.S. history, from colonization to Hurricane Katrina. A must for secondary and academic reference collections."--Barbara Bertoldo (AASL)

"This is a very good historical atlas with more than 500 highly annotated maps that cover the earliest European exploration through Hurricane Katrina. This should be on most public library shelves."--Saul J. Amdursky (PLA) "An exciting and interesting historical atlas that tells the story of the growth of the United States, through geography. Excellent historical maps represent the passage of time and the development of America. If you buy only one historical atlas this year--make it this one. An outstanding way to learn American History!"--Richard Hulsey (PLA)


Smith, Dan

The State of the Middle East: An Atlas of Conflict and Resolution

University of California Press

"This is a well-researched, successful attempt to explain current conditions in the Middle East with concise summaries and full-color graphs and photographs. The author includes historical background when necessary. Students in Global Studies or Geography classes would find this atlas useful in their research."--Clark E. Heath (AASL)

"This book provides clear, well-written economic and political information about the Middle Eastern countries for middle and high school students. The book is divided into three parts: The Shaping of the Middle East (historical background), the Arenas of Conflict (details on each country), and The State of the Nations (summary information on religion, literacy, ethnicity and language, population, education, energy.) Current photographs, graphs, and maps add to the visual appeal and enhance the text."--Karen Perry (AASL)

"This Atlas is broken down into three sections; Shaping of the Middle East, Arenas of Conflict and State of the Nations. Each of these sections again breaks down into vibrant color maps, charts and graphs. A chronology runs along the left side of nearly every page allowing the reader quick access to facts and dates. Topics include oil consumption, U.S. presence, European colonization, life expectancy and health plus more. These atlases can quickly and efficiently, answer nearly any question pertaining to the Middle East. It is highly recommended for every public library."--Christina Maria Beaird (PLA)


Ruiz, Vicki L. and Virginia Sánchez Korrol (Editors)

Latinas in the United States: A Historical Encyclopedia (3 volume set)

Indiana University Press

"Signed articles, 600 of them, cover a wide spectrum that includes biographical sketches of well-known Latinas, such as Joan Baez, Pura Belpre and Dolores Huerta, as well as lesser known heroines such as Evelina López Antonetty and Esther Medina (qv.). Regional essays and overviews from a Latina perspective of topics such as cannery and farm workers, Santeria, World War II, the ILGWU, theater, Puerto Rican radical politics in New York, and more. Sources are listed for each article. Abundant photographs add to the utility of this very impressive and scholarly work. Highly recommended for any high school that serves students of Latin background or would like to expose students to Latinas in the US. In short, recommended for all reference collections."--Judith E. McGowan (AASL)

"This is an outstanding reference work that is well indexed and cross-referenced. The essays are thorough and cover both well-known and little known figures as well as a variety of important topics ranging from deportation to during the depression to family and theater. Considering the population shifts occurring in the United States this three volume sets belongs in most public libraries."--Saul J. Amdursky (PLA)


Burl, Aubrey

A Guide to the Stone Circles of Britain, Ireland and Brittany

Yale University Press

"This is the preeminent travel guide that embraces 500 monuments from Shetland to Brittany. The new edition includes a section on "Druidical" circles and can be recommended to anyone interested in things megalithic."--Saul J. Amdursky (PLA)


Goldsworthy, Adrian

Caesar: Life of a Colossus

Yale University Press

"More than just a great biography, this title also provides a fresh new look at Caesar's life and achievements. This book gives an excellent perspective on Caesar's accomplishments with a high degree of scholarship that is also very accessible to modern readers."--Karen Perry (AASL)


Shipley, Graham, et al.

The Cambridge Dictionary of Classical Civilization

Cambridge University Press

"A fine reference work for any library-serving patrons who seek information on not only Greek and Roman civilizations, but Phoenician, Celtic, Jewish, Persian, Chinese, and Indian life as well. Frequently includes black and white photographs and diagrams as illustrations. Features good cross references to direct students to the proper entry."--Karen Perry (AASL)


Ben-Atar, Roma Nutkiewicz

What Time and Sadness Spared: Mother and Son Confront the Holocaust

The University of Virginia Press

"Roma Ben-Atar did not want to tell her story of Holocaust and concentration camp survival, despite the urging of her son and daughter. Not until her granddaughter forces her grandmother to tell the "real" story does the whole truth come out about the terrible ordeal of the upper middle class Jewish girl who lived in Warsaw during horrors of Hitler's Final Solution. From the comfortable apartment where she lived with her educated Zionist parents, to the torments of Majdanek and Auschwitz to the death marches of 1945 to her arrival in Israel, Ben-Atar tells an honest tale of a girl whose life is turned upside down."--Janet W. Hilbun, PhD (AASL)


Good, Michael

The Search for Major Plagge: The Nazi Who Saved Jews, Expanded Edition

Fordham University Press

"By forming an automobile repair unit in Vilna, Wehrmacht Major Karl Plagge attempted to save one thousand Jews (some with no auto repair skills) and succeeded in saving two hundred and fifty. Pearl Esterowicz Good believes she lived because of Major Plagge. In 1999, her son, Dr. Michael Good, began searching for the major who dropped into obscurity after the war, so that he could learn more of "a man whose story exemplifies the choice that humans have to select good over evil." His book begins with a brief history of the Holocaust in Vilna so well done that it can stand alone as an introduction to the Holocaust. Pearl's horror stories of daily life in the ghetto evoke images of the major film that should be made. About one third of the book involves the search for Major Plagge. Who was he? Why did he endanger himself? A worldwide volunteer Internet search team formed. They succeeded, and Plagge is now named as one of the "Righteous Among Nations" by the State of Israel. Includes testimony of a soldier who worked for Plagge who came forward after the release of the first edition. Recommended for all collections."--Judith E. McGowan (AASL)


Litoff, Judy Barrett (Editor)

An American Heroine in the French Resistance: The Diary and Memoir of Virginia D'Albert-Lake

Fordham University Press

"The love story of American Virginia Roush and Frenchman Philippe D'Albert-Lake, married in 1936. During the Second World War, Virginia chose to remain with her beloved husband. During 1943, she and her husband joined the French Resistance. She was interrogated and tortured by the Gestapo, and survived numerous concentration camps in Europe. Her courage will never be forgotten by the American and British pilots whose lives she saved."--Dr. Theresa Maggio (PLA)


Ogilvie, Sarah A. and Scott Miller

Refuge Denied: The Saint Louis Passengers and the Holocaust

The University of Wisconsin Press

"In America, photos of refugees at a ship's railing usually symbolize pride in our immigrant past and hope for the future. In May of 1939, however, such photos were not of welcome newcomers but rather of rejected German Jews, 937 of them, who were refused permission to land in Cuba, and then in Miami. They were sent back to Europe. Since then it has been commonly assumed that most of the passengers of the St. Louis perished in the Holocaust. Sarah Ogilvie and Scott Miller, of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, spent ten years searching out the fate of every one of the 937. Painstakingly pieced together, this work is engrossing, illuminating, revealing, and sad. Two hundred fifty four of them died in the Holocaust; around half eventually migrated to the United States; only about twenty lived out their lives in continental Europe. The book is "intended as a testament to the capacity of individuals to endure in the face of injustice." It deserves a place in any collection where there is interest in the historical method and respect for the human side of history."--Judith E. McGowan (AASL)


Takemoto, Paul Howard

Nisei Memories: My Parents Talk about the War Years

University of Washington Press

"Paul Takemoto parents were caught in the anti-Japanese hysteria that followed the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. His father left the University of Hawaii to join the U.S. Army--even though he was classified an 'enemy alien.' Like 120,000 other Japanese Americans who were forcibly relocated, his then fifteen-year-old mother was sent with her family to a relocation camp. Mr. Takemoto's work gains strength from his journalism experience and from many hours of recorded interviews with his parents. The story is all the more vivid because his grandfather was a pack rat who saved a lot of 'stuff.' Because of him, we can read a 1943 purchase order from the INS for 'alien enemy, James Zenich Imamoto. ' The readers will be amused and moved by the ultimate silliness of an internal staff memo that defined who was, and was not, a Jap as opposed to a Japanese. Beautifully written this deserves a place in history and/or memoir collections."--Judith E. McGowan (AASL)


Christofferson, Thomas R. and Michael S.

France During World War II: From Defeat to Liberation

Lumans, Valdis O.

Latvia in World War II

Fordham University Press

"For the serious reader, each of these excellent volumes from Fordham's World War II: The Global, Human, and Ethical Dimension series is an impressive, readable and comprehensive effort to present an up-to-date synthesis of the World War II history. In France During World War II (series vol. 10), Professors Christofferson, father and son, "have tried to tell a complex morality tale...for lay readers who might want a succinct historical account...{of} difficult issues." (Preface, pg. XIV). In Latvia in World War II (series vol. 11), Professor Lumans, the son of Latvian immigrants, recounts the changes in his thinking as he learned more of his parents' homeland and hopes that the material he has "collected, synthesized, encapsulated and presented... will stimulate further research." Lumans' chapter on the Holocaust in Latvia can stand alone in telling the history of the Jews of Latvia."--Judith E. McGowan (AASL)


Romeiser, John B.

Combat Reporter: Don Whitehead's World War II Diary and Memoirs

Fordham University Press

"World War II reporter Don Whitehead was at the front lines and often worked while dodging bullets. From early 1943 through V-E Day his dispatches came from the front--the North African desert, El Alamein, Cherbourg, Rome, aboard an invasion ship on D-Day, and from Buchenwald. It takes strong effort for those of us who now know so much about World War II to go back to a time when eyewitness, written accounts, and an occasional snippet of news film (all censored at the front), were the only sources of information back home. This is the second of two volumes. The first volume, Beachhead Don (c. 2004) includes Whitehead's published stories. His memoir and diary includes ethnocentric and chauvinistic comments that reflect those times and his rural background. All of these pieces predate his two Pulitzer Prizes by several years. The volumes are a worthwhile addition to the history of journalism."--Judith E. McGowan (AASL)

"Brilliantly written, Combat Reporter is a World War II memoir of Don Whitehead, winner of two Pulitzer prizes. He recounts his first combat assignment in North Africa and then in Sicily. He bears witness to the hardships, friends lost, censorship and the horror of battle up close and personal."--Dr. Theresa Maggio (PLA)


Lukacs, John

June 1941: Hitler and Stalin

Yale University Press

"John Lukacs is a prolific and respected historian, the author of more than two dozen historical books. Here he presents his insights with respect to the motivations and machinations of both Hitler and Stalin during the time leading up to a major turning point in history--the June 1941 "Operation Barbarossa", the German invasion of Soviet Russian territory. Historians disagree as to why Hitler attacked first, in violation of a treaty between the two nations. Was it to prevent an anticipated Soviet attack? Or was it to eliminate the possibility that the Soviets would ally themselves with England? This small book is opinionated, important to some scholars, and worth adding to a collection that emphasizes World War II or the history of diplomacy."--Judith E. McGowan (AASL)


de Beaumont, Gustave

Ireland: Social, Political and Religious

Harvard University Press

"Over the past twenty-five years there has been an explosion in published research on the Irish Famine (The Great Hunger; An Gorta Mór.) The researcher who is curious about Ireland before the failure of the potato crop in the 1840s will not have nearly so easy a time finding pertinent information. Gustave de Beaumont and his colleague, Alexis de Tocqueville visited Ireland and the United States together in 1833. A few years later, de Beaumont returned to Ireland to continue his research, the product of which was this monumental work. The book was 'a popular sensation'; the French edition was reprinted seven times and remained in print until 1914. The next English reprinting, however, took nearly 100 years! Modern historians might quibble over his perspective or interpretation but this is a superb primary source. Also included herein is Beaumont's impassioned preface to the 1863 French edition in which he portrays the appalling effects of the Great Famine."--Judith E. McGowan (AASL)


Barber, Shelley (Editor)

The Prendergast Letters: Correspondence from Famine-Era Ireland, 1840-1850

University of Massachusetts Press

"Histories of the Great Hunger in Ireland are often written with a global rather than a personal perspective. Official documents, literary commentaries, and newspaper and periodical articles abound, but collections of personal correspondence are rare. The poor had to rely on someone who would write a letter for them, usually for a fee. Letters to and from the old country and the new are therefore not a significant part of the available historical record. This title will add depth to a collection that emphasizes personal correspondence and/or the Irish Potato Famine."--Judith E. McGowan (AASL)


Roberts, Geoffrey

Stalin's Wars: From World War to Cold War, 1939-1953

Yale University Press

"Roberts provides a readable and unique examination of Stalin as a contradictory leader and politician. New material from Russian archives helps make this work an important addition to the most general biography collections."--Carla Bauman-Franks (PLA)


Elliot, J.H.

Empires of the Atlantic World: Britain and Spain in America 1492-1830

Yale University Press

"A skillful comparison of the facets of both the British and Spanish Empires as they attempted to expand their world into the "New World."--Mary D. Lankford (AASL)


Holzer Harold, Emily Castle, and Barbara Quigley

Abraham Lincoln Portrayed in the Collections of the Indiana Historical Society

Indiana Historical Society Press

"The magnificent size, handsome paper, and each page with ample white space create an outstanding format for this collection of words and pictures of Abraham Lincoln."--Mary D. Lankford (AASL)


Gugin, Linda C. and James E. St. Clair (Editors)

The Governors of Indiana: A Biographical Directory

Indiana Historical Society Press

"Color portraits, clear writing, excellent editing and design, sources that include web access, and high quality paper--all combine to make this a must, if and only if you have need of a comprehensive biographical treatment of Indiana's governors!"--Judith E. McGowan (AASL)


Burch, Ernest S. Jr

Social Life in Northwest Alaska: The Structure of Iñupiaq Eskimo Nations

University of Alaska Press

"Dr. Burch's study of the Iñupiaq Eskimo is noteworthy as much for the historiography he supplies as for the content he develops about this hunter-gatherer society. He explains the integration of documentary with oral sources and shows how oral sources have validity while reminding the reader that the longer the time span between the event and its recorded historical transcription, the more chance there is for the record to lack accurate detail. His descriptions of the people who recorded Iñupiaq life from 1800 to 1910 could serve as a model for anyone who needs to evaluate primary sources. Elementary teachers preparing units on the people formerly called 'Eskimos' will welcome this title."--Judith E. McGowan (AASL)

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