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Welcome to The University Press Books Selected for Public and Secondary School Libraries online

The University Press Books Selected for Public and Secondary School Libraries is an annual collection development tool published for two divisions of the American Library Association: The American Association of School Librarians (AASL) and the Public Library Association (PLA). The American Library Association is located at 50 East Huron St., Chicago, IL 60611 and on the web at www.ala.org.

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General Information

Ratings Given to Each Book

Each title has one or two sets of ratings, one from an AASL reviewer, one from a PLA reviewer, or both.

  • O (Outstanding): Titles with this rating are considered exceptional by the reviewer. Personal reviews are written by committee members for Outstanding Titles, and are listed at the end of the Bibliography.

  • G (General audience): Books with a wide appeal and/or an expectation of lasting importance. Title may also be of scholarly technical data on subjects of widespread, current interest.

  • S (Special interest): Is highly recommended for libraries with in-depth collections in the book’s particular subject.

  • RG (Regional general): Is of interest to readers in specific geographic areas.

  • RS (Regional special interest): Is of interest to special in-depth collections in a geographic area.

Books that were not received by a committee member assigned to that subject area are rated as “Not Reviewed”. Books that were not accepted by a committee member have no rating at all.

Age Ranges for Each Book

Books rated by the AASL librarian members carry an audience designation which recommends grade levels for each listing. Levels are EM (Elementary School, grades K-5), MS (Middle School, grades 6-8), HS (High School, grades 9-12), and P (Professional Use).

How to Order Books Listed

Orders should be placed with regular book suppliers, or the participating presses (addresses, phone/fax numbers, and websites are listed). Please do not order books from the Association of American University Presses (AAUP) office. It has no facilities for handling such orders.

How to Order Printed Bibliographies

Librarians may obtain printed copies of the bibliography free of charge by writing on their institution’s letterhead and mailing or faxing to: AAUP, Marketing Department, 28 West 36th Street, Suite 602, New York, NY 10018. FAX: 212-989-0275.

Introduction-AASL Selection Committee

Congratulations on finding treasure! Books published by university presses are “hidden gems”. The members of AASL and PLA University Press committees review what has been published in the past year in order to uncover these gems and bring them to a larger public and school library audience.

Titles are listed in order by Dewey Decimal number for easy use. Each listing includes a rating for both school and public library collections. The final section is a listing of books that have received an outstanding rating from our volunteer reviewers. These are books that we consider “must haves” for any collection in the country-the “jewels” from university presses!

I would like to thank all members of the AASL committee for their hard work and dedication to their profession! Without their time and energy, this publication would not exist. Also, many thanks to our AASL Staff Liaison, Jonathan West, AASL Program Coordinator, Jennifer Habley, without whom I would have been lost in the bowels of AASL! Last (but not least), thank you to Rachel Weiss-Feldman, the Marketing Manager at the Association of American University Presses who is truly priceless in her work to get this bibliography published for our use!

Terri L. Lent
Chairperson, American University Press Books Selection Committee
July 2007–June 2009

2008 University Press Books Committee, AASL Members

Terri L. Lent–Chairperson
Patrick Henry High School Library
Ashland, VA
200–289 Religion (Christianity)
370–379 Education
400–499 Languages
760–779 Graphic Design/Photography
943–949 European History (Central, Eastern, and Northern)

Barbara Bertoldo
Bowan McLean Library at St. Mary’s Hall
San Antonio, TX
812–813 American Literature (Fiction, Drama/Plays)
830–899 European Literature (French, German, Italian, Spanish, Latin, Greek, Other)
900–919 Geography
930–939 History of the Ancient World

Sabrina Carnesi
Crittenden Middle School Library
Newport News, VA
306–319 Cultures & Institutions, Communities
380–389 Commerce,Communications, Transportation
800–811 American Literature (Literary Criticism, Rhetoric, Poetry)
920–929 Biography

Paul J. Gregorio
Portland Community College
Portland, OR
330–339 Economics
390–399 Customs, Etiquette, Folklore
790–799 Performing Arts, Recreation, Sports
814–819 American Literature (Essays, Letters, Satire)

Janet Hilbun, PhD
School of Library and Information Studies,
Texas Woman’s University—Denton, TX
160–199 Ethics/Philosophy
730–759 Art (Sculpture, Drawings, Textiles, Paintings, Symbols)
970–973 North American History

Gay Ann Loesch
Sun Valley Middle School Library
Charlotte, NC
340–349 Law
550–599 Earth & Life Science, Plants, Animals
620–639 Engineering, Agriculture
780–789 Music

Mary Ellen Oxedine
Fairfield Middle School Library
Richmond, VA
000–099 General (Bibliography, Encyclopedias, Serials, Journalism)
360–363 Social Programs and Services
600–619 Medical Science
950–969 Asian, Middle Eastern, and African History

Karen Pangallo
North Shore Community College Library
Davers, MA
350–359 Public Administration/Military Science
364–369 Criminology
500–549 Math, Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry
640–649 Home Economics
650–699 Business & Manufacturing
700–729 Art (Theory, Education, Collections, Landscapes, Architecture)

Judith Repman, PhD
Dept. of Leadership,Technology, and Human Development
Georgia Southern University
Statesboro, GA
320–329 Political Science
820–829 British Literature
940–942 European History (Great Britain, Wales, Ireland, Scotland)

Laura L. Summers, PhD
School Library Program School
University of Colorado—Denver, CO
100–159 Metaphysics and Psychology
290–299 Religion (Judaic, Islamic, Comparative, Other)
300–305 Sociology, Anthropology, Social Groups and Behavior
974–979 U.S. History—Regional
980–999 South American & Other History

Introduction-PLA Selection Committee

Each year the PLA and the AASL solicit librarians to volunteer for their University Press Books Committee-to examine, include/exclude, rate and review books submitted by member presses of the Association of American University Presses, for this annual collection development tool. Each committee member is assigned a specific Dewey Decimal range based on his or her experience and expertise. Presses then submit particular titles to committee members, which is where the fun part begins.

Once examined, committee members rank each book based on their readability, thoroughness and suitability for libraries. Titles found to be “Outstanding” are given a brief, personal review, relaying the committee member’s thoughts on the title. Reviews are meant to be succinct and to the point, benefitting you, the reader and collection developer.

I hope you find these book ratings and reviews useful, and use the 2008 University Press Books bibliography as a reference tool for your library. As University Press Books Committee-PLA Chair, I wish to thank all of the committee members who have volunteered their time and wisdom this year. I also owe my unwavering gratitude to Rachel Weiss Feldman, Marketing Manager for the AAUP, without whose insight and guidance none of this would be possible.

Tina Maria Beaird
Chairperson, University Press Books for Public Libraries Committee

2008 University Press Books Committee, PLA Members

Tina Maria Beaird–Chairperson
Plainfield Public Library
Plainfield, IL
320–329 Political Science
814–819 American Literature (Essays, Letters, Satire)
820–829 British Literature
950–969 Asian, Middle Eastern, and African History

Hilary Albert
Mahopac Public Library
Mahopac, NY
340–349 Law
400–499 Languages
812–813 American Literature (Fiction, Drama/Plays)
830–859 European Literature (French, German, Italian)

Saul J. Amdursky
Des Moines Public Library
Des Moines, IA
360-363 Social Programs and Services
620-639 Engineering, Agriculture
780-789 Music
900-919 Geography
920-929 Biography
943-949 European History (Central, Eastern, and Northern)

Carla K. Bauman-Franks
New Haven Branch Library
New Haven, IN
000–099 General (Bibliography, Encyclopedias, Serials, Journalism)
100–159 Metaphysics and Psychology
290–299 Religion (Judaic, Islamic, Comparative, Other)
640–649 Home Economics
970–973 North American History

Trish Burns
Public Libraries of Saginaw
Saginaw, MI
350–359 Public Administration/Military Science
364–369 Criminology
500–549 Math, Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry
700–729 Art (Theory, Education, Collections, Landscapes, Architecture)
860–899 Literature (Spanish, Latin, Greek, Other)

Richard Hulsey
Willard Library
Battle Creek, MI
160–199 Ethics/Philosophy
330–339 Economics
370–379 Education
380-389 Commerce,Communications, Transportation
390–399 Customs, Etiquette, Folklore
930–939 History of the Ancient World

Dr. Terri Maggio
Assumption Parish Library
Napoleonville, LA
600–619 Medical Science
760–779 Graphic Design/Photography
974–979 U.S. History—Regional
980–999 South American & Other History

Christine Owens
Carmel Clay Public Library
Carmel, IN
550–599 Earth & Life Science, Plants, Animals
650–699 Business and Manufacturing
800–811 American Literature (Literary Criticism, Rhetoric, Poetry)

Sonja Plummer-Morgan
Mark & Emily Turner Memorial Library
Presque Island, ME
200–289 Religion (Christianity)
306–319 Cultures & Institutions, Communities
790–799 Performing Arts, Recreation, Sports

Susan Sexton-Cooley
Sara Hightower Regional Library
Rome, GA
300–305 Sociology, Anthropology, Social Groups and Behavior
730–759 Art (Sculpture, Drawings, Textiles, Paintings, Symbols)
940–942 European History (Great Britain, Wales, Ireland, Scotland)

Contributing Presses

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University of Alaska Press Editorial Dept., P.O. Box 756240, Fairbanks, AK 99775-6240 904-474-5831 FAX: 907-474-5502 / www.uaf.edu/uapress
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