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Brustad, Kristen, Mahmoud Al-Batal, and Abbas Al-Tonsi

Alif Baa: Introduction to Arabic Letters and Sounds, Third Edition

304 pp., 8 1/2” x 11”, $69.95 cloth, $59.95 paper, CIP included

July 2010

Georgetown University Press

The best-selling Alif Baa is the first volume of the Al-Kitaab Arabic language program and is now available in a new third edition. In this new version of the introduction to Arabic letters and sounds, English-speaking students will find an innovative integration of colloquial and formal (spoken and written) Arabic. Together, the book and new online component provide learners with all the material necessary to learn the sounds of Arabic, write its letters, and begin speaking Arabic, including interactive, self-correcting exercises to enhance learning. The online component also gives instructors additional online grading options.

LC 2009024933, ISBN 9781589016446 (c.), ISBN 9781589017054 (p.)




DeFrancis, John and Zhang Yanyin (Editors)

ABC English-Chinese, Chinese-English Dictionary

1240 pp., 4 1/2” x 7 1/2”, $20.00 paper, CIP included

October 2010

University of Hawai’i Press

The ABC English-Chinese, Chinese-English Dictionary (ECCE) is a student-oriented bilingual dictionary that, like other dictionaries in the ABC series, organizes Chinese words by their pronunciation as written in pinyin. This innovative, straightforward alphabetical organization allows the user to find most words more quickly and easily. It also facilitates the comparison of words that are pronounced similarly or identically, which is not possible in traditionally-ordered dictionaries. The...ECCE is still unique in that it offers detailed and authoritative coverage of grammar (parts of speech, constructions, and examples) and orthography (both simplified and complex characters as well as pinyin). ECCE contains 67,633 entries: 29,670 in the English-Chinese section, 37,963 in the Chinese-English section.

LC 2010011785, ISBN 9780824834852 (p.)


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