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"Outstanding" Rated Titles from the University Press Books Committee

The following titles received ratings of "Outstanding" (O) by members of the 2013 University Press Books Committee. "Outstanding" titles are defined as having exceptional editorial content and subject matter. They are essential additions to most library collections.


Provine, Robert R.

Curious Behavior: Yawning, Laughing, Hiccupping, and Beyond

Belknap Press of Harvard University Press

"The cover itself will excite a curiosity that continues as readers begin to discover more about basic human behaviors in these thirteen well-researched chapters. A humorous approach to a serious discussion of evolutionary human biology and behaviors add to the overall appeal of this book."—Stacey Hayman (CODES/RUSA)

"Robert Provine surveys thirteen basic human behaviors, including yawning, laughing, crying, sneezing, and hiccupping. He examines the evolutionary roots of these behaviors and summarizes scientific understandings of their functions. Provine also offers simple experiments that readers can use to test observations on themselves or their friends. Useful for those readers interested in an entertaining approach to understanding more about the little things that help make us human."—Virginia L. Stone (AASL)


Hawthorne, Fran

Ethical Chic: The Inside Story of the Companies We Think We Love

Beacon Press

"As Americans become more concerned with the source of consumer goods, this book will grow in popularity and may soon require an updated edition or a second volume companion. A well presented, thought-provoking investigation into six companies who use their established reputations as "progressive" to drive their businesses."—Stacey Hayman (CODES/RUSA)

"For those of us who find it hard to know what to believe when it comes to corporate America, this book confirms our need to be wary. Looking at six well-loved and trusted companies, the author demonstrates their reputations are not always deserved as she delves into the world of corporate ethics. As consumers, the author wants us to determine how important a company's ethical track record really matters."—Merlyn K. Miller (AASL)


Brock, Rita Nakashima and Gabriella Lettini

Soul Repair: Recovering from Moral Injury after War

Beacon Press

"Hopefully this book will attract much attention, perhaps even starting conversations on how deeply war affects those who have been sent to fight. The four veterans relating their experiences help make big philosophical ideas into something recognizable for the average reader."—Stacey Hayman (CODES/RUSA)


Stein, Stephen J. (Editor)

The Cambridge History of Religions in America

3 Volume Set

Cambridge University Press

"This three-volume work is an essential survey of American religious history. Chronologically organized, the set outlines the diverse mosaic of American religious history, from prehistory to present. This interdisciplinary work features thematic essays ranging from regional issues, Native American traditions, world religions in contemporary United States, art, science, church and state, philosophy, and more. Provides more thorough treatments than would be found in an encyclopedia, yet still accessible for high school and general readers. For libraries that invest in it, their purchase will yield great value for a variety of needs and readers."—Emily Keller (CODES/RUSA)


Turner, John G.

Brigham Young: Pioneer Prophet

Belknap Press of Harvard University Press

"A compelling, lucid account of a complex religious and political leader. This work will be of interest to both scholars and general readers of mid-nineteenth century American religious, social, and political history and the history of westward expansion. A detailed, well-documented portrait that contextualizes a complicated figure."—Emily Keller (CODES/RUSA)


Raven, Maarten J.

Egyptian Magic: The Quest for Thoth's Book of Secrets

The American University in Cairo Press

"Beautiful pictures and illustrations give depth to the written research presented. Given the popularity of Rick Riordian's Kane Chronicles series, this book will have an extremely wide appeal for many ages; equally useful for school reports and for simple browsing."—Stacey Hayman (CODES/RUSA)


Klein, Jessie

The Bully Society: School Shootings and the Crisis of Bullying in America's Schools

New York University Press

"A timely topic and extremely compelling read for any compassionate adult, this book should at least be on the reading list of every educator, parent, or person working with children on a regular basis. Real stories help to illustrate the author's point and potential methods of addressing the issues are presented."—Stacey Hayman (CODES/RUSA)


Carbado, Devon W. and Donald Weise (Editors)

The Long Walk to Freedom: Runaway Slave Narratives

Beacon Press

"A collection of fugitive slave stories. Some are from well known authors such as Frederick Douglas and some have not been published for over 100 years. The strength and determination in all of the narratives is moving and highlights the power of the human spirit. This volume will appeal to students from middle-high school."—Annemarie Roscello (AASL)


Johnston, James H.

From Slave Ship to Harvard: Yarrow Mamout and the History of an African American Family

Fordham University Press

"Carefully researched and engagingly written, this fascinating book tells the story of an educated Muslim who was brought as a slave to America in 1752 then earned his freedom 44 years later. The book also traces the history of his family to the time when a descendant graduates from Harvard University in 1927. The narrative absorbingly weaves together one family's amazing tale with the history of America and slavery and race relations."—Steve Norman (CODES/RUSA)


Hopkinson, Natalie

Go-Go Live: The Musical Life and Death of a Chocolate City

Duke University Press

"Go-Go music is the reflection of the Washington, DC urban experience. It is a little studied genre with its blending of blues, funk and highly addictive conga drums. Go-Go Live is a 25 year narrative of events, struggles and controversies. This book is an essential read for students interested in music, especially students of hip-hop and rap."—Annemarie Roscello (AASL)


Barton, Bernadette C.

Pray the Gay Away: The Extraordinary Lives of Bible Belt Gays

New York University Press

"Pray the Gay Away is worthy of inclusion on all high school shelves. The personal stories of people living in the Bible Belt will move all and demonstrate to students struggling with their peers about their sexual orientation that they are not alone. Barton's well researched book is easy to read. The book easily moves from her research to personal stories and back."—Annemarie Roscello (AASL)


Angel, Shlomo

Planet of Cities

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

"Shlomo Angel takes a unique methodology to examine the similarities between cities. What are common problems and what could be some common solutions? This book is so well laid out that the complexities of cities is accessible to the reader without any prior experience with urban planning and studies. High school aged readers interested in social and spacial issues that face the world's population will eagerly read this book. Angel leads the reader to understand that cities are more complex than we may first think and much of our long held theories may be faulty."—Annemarie Roscello (AASL)


Marshall, Alex

The Surprising Design of Market Economies

University of Texas Press

"Think that the concept of the free market' is a given? Think again. In this fascinating exposition the author argues that there is nothing free' or natural' about markets; rather, markets are designed and created by people and are controlled by them, and that more design ultimately means less regulation. The author uses relevant scenarios illustrating market cooperation, intellectual property issues, international law, transportation systems, and government, to show that markets, and market economies, are political institutions and should serve, rather than create, society. This title is an accessible and worthy addition to popular economics literature and the free market' debate."—Sarah Nagle (CODES/RUSA)


McCraw, Thomas K.

The Founders and Finance: How Hamilton, Gallatin, and Other Immigrants Forged a New Economy

Belknap Press of Harvard University Press

"There has been much said lately about the various intentions of the men who founded our nation—but what about their vision for the country's perilous economic situation post-Revolution? Crushing debt, lack of a unified currency system, and outdated reliance on a purely agricultural economy threatened the young republic's very existence even as thirteen fractious states threatened to pull it apart. Into this turmoil stepped immigrants such as Alexander Hamilton who brought modern, cosmopolitan concepts of banking, credit and other financial instruments, taxation, and varying levels of centralized economic control. The results ensured that the United States could avoid bankruptcy and embark upon two centuries of explosive economic growth."—Sarah Nagle (CODES/RUSA)


Lanza, Michael

Before They're Gone: A Family's Year-Long Quest to Explore America's Most Endangered National Parks

Beacon Press

"Over a period of one year, veteran backpacker Michael Lanza took his young family on monthly hikes in ten of the U.S.'s most climate-threatened national parks. His concern was that his children, Abby and Nate (pictured on the cover hiking high-altitude snowy landscapes clutching stuffed animal friends in one hand and hiking poles in the other) needed to see these landscapes before irreparable changes occur. The resulting work is a travel memoir of a family's wilderness trips, an elegy for some of the country's finest natural parks, and an urgent call to action to halt climate change before more wilderness treasures are destroyed."—Sarah Nagle (CODES/RUSA)


Turner, James Morton

The Promise of Wilderness: American Environmental Politics since 1964

University of Washington Press

"Author Turner details the landscape of U.S. environmental politics during the past 50 years, defining three significant periods of political activity. From the origins of environmentalism, through the activist/industrial polarization of the Reagan years, to new debates on the uses and purpose of public wilderness lands, history and politics are entwined in a comprehensive narrative. This copiously-researched title is an important addition to the Weyerhaeuser Environmental Books series."—Sarah Nagle (CODES/RUSA)


Goldstein, Gabriel M. and Elizabeth E. Greenberg (Editors)

(Foreword by Sylvia A. Herskowitz)

A Perfect Fit: The Garment Industry and American Jewry (1860-1960)

Texas Tech University Press

"Looking at the garment industry in the United States, is [akin to looking] at American culture—the glamour and beauty of American fashion, as well as the history of the garment manufacturing industry. Focused on the experience of individual Jewish families, this book also investigates how minorities have helped shape American life. A Perfect Fit targets a broad and multiage audience."—Merlyn K. Miller (AASL)

"Although this sumptuously illustrated book may have begun life as an exhibition catalog, it goes far beyond this purpose in essentially chronicling the history of the ready-to-wear clothing industry in the United States. In several contributed chapters, the book details how the influx of several skilled immigrant groups and the resulting production in garment districts across the nation built a distinctly American industry. A perusal of its pages and the iconic photographs and drawings gives the reader a sense of social and economic progress in terms of the garments we wore and the statements they made during the last two hundred years. Although most of these iconic companies are no longer in existence, the clothes they produced can still be found in wardrobes and vintage stores, telling the story of an important American industry."—Sarah Nagle (CODES/RUSA)


Frank, Walter M.

Making Sense of the Constitution: A Primer on the Supreme Court and Its Struggle to Apply Our Fundamental Law

Southern Illinois University Press

"A marvelous introduction to the constitution and how the Supreme Court and our governmental structure are supposed to work, while still being mindful of different or varying opinions. A great deal of the book focuses on the bill of rights and the amendments, both the history and the evolving views of the various justices. There is also a discussion about how the court itself works. Overall, this is a great start for someone interested in learning about constitutional law who has no background at all."—Hilary Albert (CODES/RUSA)


Ferguson, Andrew Guthrie

(Foreword by Charles J. Ogletree, Jr.)

Why Jury Duty Matters: A Citizen's Guide to Constitutional Action

New York University Press

"Jury duty, so often what seems a burden ends up an extraordinary right when you finish Ferguson's book. He carefully explains for the average person how important and special it is to be judged by a jury of your peers.' "—Hilary Albert (CODES/RUSA)


Chambers, Thomas A.

Memories of War: Visiting Battlegrounds and Bonefields in the Early American Republic

Cornell University Press

"Mr. Chambers demonstrates very well how attitudes towards our national battlefields changed during the nineteenth centuries' first half. At first, the travellers were drawn to nature's beauty over national heritage. Later, the sites posed as stand ins for the nation's section interests. I found this book to be of general interest to anyone who visits our national/state or local historic sites. Read the book then visit the site. See if you come away feeling the same way that our ancestors did."—Richard E.B. Lord (AASL)


Minkler, Meredith (Editor)

Community Organizing and Community Building for Health and Welfare, Third Edition

Rutgers University Press

"This book legitimizes the phrase it takes a village' in addressing community building from a social justice perspective. Community leaders and social researchers alike will appreciate the scholarly case studies and templates/tools that offer scaffolding for change and transformation for a diverse array of challenges that plague our society. College students in social science coursework and serious social researchers alike will find information and introspection in these pages to help them frame their own thinking."—Rebecca J. Pasco (AASL)


Aldrich, Marcia

Companion to an Untold Story

University of Georgia Press

"The pain of losing a friend to suicide is not a rare theme in literature, but a story in which a character shares' a friend's journey towards suicide without realizing it is different and makes this book one to remember. It is poignant and painful and pitiful and unfortunately, possible, and forces readers to consider whether or not this could happen to them'. When the main character says, We are in every way brothers. Let us have our fights and arguments; and let us always have our love', those of us who celebrate friends as family' find ourselves nodding our heads in acknowledgement of the complexity of such a relationship. This book is suitable for old souls among our young' and na<0x00EF>ve souls among our old' and will be an important addition to any non-fiction section with a collection on the topic of suicide."—Rebecca J. Pasco (AASL)


Pellegrino, James W. and Margaret L. Hilton (Editors)

Committee on Defining Deeper Learning and 21st Century Skills, National Research Council of the National Academies

Education for Life and Work: Developing Transferable Knowledge and Skills in the 21st Century

The National Academies Press

"There are many titles on the market today expounding on the need for P-12 students to acquire 21st Century Skills', e.g., critical thinking, collaboration and creativity. Education for Life and Work goes beyond this rhetoric and discusses bodies of research that support the relevance and importance of 21st Century skills to a young person's success in academic and personal pursuits. Candidates in teacher education programs and current educators in P-12 schools interested in transformational school reform through authentic learning scenarios will find this book to be an engaging and enjoyable journey."—Rebecca J. Pasco (AASL)


Cianciotto, Jason and Sean Cahill

LGBT Youth in America's Schools

The University of Michigan Press

"Valuable resource for high schools and colleges alike who [are] desperate to find ways to battle oppression and its ugly, violent outcomes on the LGBT front. This book moves beyond confrontive narrative' to reasoned and researched studies that help a reader think critically about new practice[s] and new policies that might help us all get along'."—Rebecca J. Pasco (AASL)


Cunningham, Lawrence S. (Photography by Matt Cashore)

The Chapels of Notre Dame

University of Notre Dame Press

"The Chapels of Notre Dame features commentary on the theological, artistic, architectural and historic dimensions of the 57 chapels embedded throughout Notre Dame's campus. There are more than 200 beautiful photographs of chapels where the faithful may participate in formal or informal prayers and devotions."—Teri Maggio (CODES/RUSA)


Abraham, Adam

When Magoo Flew: The Rise and Fall of Animation Studio UPA

Wesleyan University Press

"A readable and surprising history of the groundbreaking animation studio, UPA. From its roots in the early Walt Disney Studios to ordeals during the McCarthy Era, UPA tried to reinvent animation in ways that were stylistically and thematically more serious than work done at its rival studios. This book has guest appearances by James Dean, Aldous Huxley, Richard Nixon, and a cast of millions. Readers will see cartoons and Mr. Magoo in an entirely new light."—Steve Norman (CODES/RUSA)


Churella, Albert J.

The Pennsylvania Railroad, Volume 1: Building an Empire, 1846-1917

University of Pennsylvania Press

"Authoritative, encyclopedic, entertaining, beautiful tome. At one time, the Pennsylvania Railroad employed over 200,000 people. The size of its budget was second only to that of the federal government. Well-written and meticulously researched, this landmark publication about a monumental American enterprise will be valued by anyone interested in railroads or America's industrial history."—Steve Norman (CODES/RUSA)


Grant, H. Roger

Railroads and the American People

Indiana University Press

"It is common knowledge that railroads are important to the economic growth of the United States. However, Grant takes a sociological perspective in his book on the importance of the railroads focusing on four areas: trains & travel, train stations, railroads, and community life. Grant impresses the reader with how fundamental railroads were within the community and the social life of Americans. An interesting read for students with curiosity about railroads, history and sociology."—Annemarie Roscello (AASL)


Lockhart, Paul


Belknap Press of Harvard University Press

"Imagine a book about mathematical reasoning and classical geometry that can incite laughter with every other paragraph. This is such a book. The author presents mathematics as an inherently rewarding (and challenging) way of thinking and living. Elegant, accessible, entertaining, and illuminating."—Steve Norman (CODES/RUSA)


Brett-Surman, M. K., Thomas R. Holtz, Jr., and James O. Farlow

The Complete Dinosaur,

Second Edition

Indiana University Press

"We are fascinated by dinosaurs! It is surprising to realize that the entire field of paleontology is only 200 years old. It was not until 1842 that English anatomist Richard Owen coined the term dinosaur,' meaning fearfully great lizard.' The Complete Dinosaur is a one-volume encyclopedia covering every aspect of paleontology. Extensive illustrations and charts accompany each of the 45 chapters by experts in the field."—Nann Blaine Hilyard (CODES/RUSA)


Schlyer, Krista

(Foreword by Jamie Rappaport Clark)

Continental Divide: Wildlife, People, and the Border Wall

Texas A&M University Press

"Immigration is a highly debated topic in our society today, especially those that illegally enter the country through the American/Mexican border. Krista Schlyer takes her readers on a journey through the largely undocumented effects of immigration policy on native eco-systems and the human communities that call the borderlands home. Filled with stunning photographs, it hauntingly shows the realities of trying to build a dividing line through rare and largely isolated ecosystems and the havoc it wrecks on the surrounding populace. Schlyer demonstrates how the disruption of these ecosystems by giant dividers affects the abundant wildlife that for centuries have migrated between the two countries to sustain survival. She also shows how current policy is upsetting the delicate balance of border communities, and the effect on the people that have lived in these areas for generations. It is a poignant look at a largely unknown area of our country and how current immigration policies are damaging the landscape, eco systems and people of this area without solving the original dilemma of illegal immigration practices."—Cara Dibbs (AASL)

"Continental Divide: Wildlife, People and the Border Wall explains the impact that immigration policy has made on the remote area of the Southwest United States where the border wall between the United States and Mexico currently exists. This area hosts a number of rare ecosystems: the San Pedro River; the grasslands of New Mexico; the most diverse birding areas in the United States, and habitat and migration corridors to some of the nation's most imperiled species. The author addresses the human and ecological world of the Continental Divide, and the overwhelming odds it faces in preserving its beauty and interconnectedness in the face of both physical and political barriers."—Teri Maggio (CODES/RUSA)


Taylor, Marianne


Cornell University Press

"Witch's familiar, symbol of wisdom, keen-eyed, mysterious—the owl is all these and more to humans worldwide. Author Marianne Taylor explains owl evolution, anatomy and physiology, and habitat, as well as threats and conservation effort. Descriptions of 41 individual species are accompanied by beautiful color photographs."—Nann Blaine Hilyard (CODES/RUSA)

"Owls features exquisite action owl photographs and candid close-ups, along with comprehensive information on owls. One or two impressive owl images grace each page in the first third of this book, including general information on owl anatomy, senses, habitats, nesting and courtship, threats and conservation measures. The latter two-thirds of the book, is devoted to the individual species relating a detailed description, range map, evolution facts, geographic variations, voice, habitat, breeding, and conservation status. The extensive and specific information along with the crisp, realistic photographs make this an outstanding title for all ages."—Gay Ann Loesch (AASL)


Naughton, Donna

The Natural History of Canadian Mammals

University of Toronto Press

"Animals do not heed political boundaries, of course, so many of the 215 mammals described in this encyclopedia volume are found in the United States as well. Arrangement is by family. Entries include description, similar species, size, range, abundance, ecology, reproduction, behavior, vocalization, and signs. Illustrations and photographs show tracks and maps of ranges."—Nann Blaine Hilyard (CODES/RUSA)

"This glossy-paged comprehensive, stunningly illustrated, updated volume of The Natural History of Canadian Mammals is not just extensive, extremely informative and easy to use, but it can be read and enjoyed by readers all over the planet from inquisitive middle school students and interested adults, to the scientific community. The book begins with a general introduction on species, ways to identify a mammal, physical features, and colorful order plates, while the remainder of the book covers each mammal individually with a photograph, a description of the mammal, notations on similar species, size, diet, range and range map, abundance, ecology, reproduction, behavior, vocalizations, signs and a reference citation. Appealing photography, informative drawings, quality information and readability makes this an outstanding resource for studying mammals."—Gay Ann Loesch (AASL)


Adams, Dean

Four Thousand Hooks: A True Story of Fishing and Coming of Age on the High Seas of Alaska

University of Washington Press

"Engaging memoir of author Dean J. Adams's coming of age on his uncle's commercial fishing boat in the summer of 1972. At the age of 15, Adams faced the daunting physical and mental challenges of the fisherman's life. His chronicle shows how he gained strength, skill, and direction towards his life's work as he tackled the inner and outer difficulties of the voyage. Both teen and adult readers will enjoy the spirited account of his adventures."—Virginia L. Stone (AASL)


Bolster, W. Jeffrey

The Mortal Sea: Fishing the Atlantic in the Age of Sail

Belknap Press of Harvard University Press

"The author describes a global crisis for fisheries and oceans. In this vividly written call to action, the interaction of humans with the North Atlantic Ocean from the time of the Vikings to the present is examined. The ocean, as it turns out, is not as limitless or invulnerable as people have often imagined. Alarming but inspiring reading."—Steve Norman (CODES/RUSA)


Kemmerer, Lisa (Editor)

(Foreword by Marc Bekoff)

Primate People: Saving Nonhuman Primates through Education, Advocacy, and Sanctuary

University of Utah Press

"Primate People offers fifteen essays by a variety of contributors including animal advocates and biologists. Writers discuss the basics of primate biology, relate field research experiences, and document examples of exploitation in the interests of scientific experimentation. These accounts offer shocking, and yet hopeful perceptions of this timely issue."—Virginia L. Stone (AASL)


Dalby, Andrew and Sally Grainger

The Classical Cookbook,Revised Edition

Getty Publications

"Based on writings and art by the Greeks and Romans this slim volume explores the mighty Greek and Roman empires through a well researched social gastronomical history. Appealing to middle - high school students The Classical Cookbook highlights the vast divide between classes and regions. Notes about ingredients with substitutions allow the home cook to cook like they did'. A great, accessible book for students interested in cooking."—Annemarie Roscello (AASL)


Szasz, Ferenc Morton

Atomic Comics: Cartoonists Confront the Nuclear World

University of Nevada Press

"We have always learned our history best through stories, and the graphic' stories of the Atomic Age are thoughtfully provided through the eyes of cartoonists. The Cold War often suffers a dark and dreary depiction in textbooks and non-fiction of the 1950s, but this book might cause Harry Truman himself to take a second look' at this mysterious era. Great read for history buffs and comic fans interested in the history of their genre in both public and academic libraries."—Rebecca J. Pasco (AASL)


Fleming, John A. and Michael J. Rowan

(Photographs by James A. Chambers)

Canadian Folk Art to 1950

The University of Alberta Press

"Folk art is the term used to describe objects made by ordinary people in traditional styles for local consumption. Folk art encompasses many media—pottery, needlework, furniture carved figures, nonacademic paintings and drawings—for both utilitarian and decorative purposes. This catalog includes photographs and commentary on more than 400 distinctive pieces created in the 19th and the first half of the 20th centuries."—Nann Blaine Hilyard (CODES/RUSA)


Whyte, Mary

(With Excerpts from Alfreda's World)

Down Bohicket Road: An Artist's Journey

The University of South Carolina Press

"One might never return from this visual and narrative looking glass' that provides a remarkable road to the inner sanctum/workings of the Gullah of South Carolina. A must for Black Studies collections in high schools and colleges as an exquisite example of an artist's rendering of a culture they've embraced and made part of their own skin. An incredible set of paintings so remarkable as to fool one into believing they were photographs."—Rebecca J. Pasco (AASL)


Sciacca, Christine (Editor)

Florence at the Dawn of the Renaissance: Painting and Illumination, 1300—1350

Getty Publications

"Early 14th-century Florence was a thriving industrial center that manufactured and exported luxury goods. Prosperity led to investment in the arts. This volume is the catalog of an exhibit curated by the Getty Museum in 2012 featuring Florentine painting and illumination from 1300-1350. The exhibit includes 28 leaves from the Laudario of Sant'Agnese, an illuminated manuscript hymnal that was disassembled in the early 19th century. Superb reproductions are accompanied by extensive commentary. Essays place the works into the social context."—Nann Blaine Hilyard (CODES/RUSA)


Winters, Dan

Last Launch: Discovery, Endeavour, Atlantis

University of Texas Press

"Last Launch is a stunning pictorial archive of the last NASA space shuttle missions. Original use of white space, quotes, poems and informative prose come together to create a work of art, as well as a tribute to the 135 space shuttle missions. The large photographs presented by Dan Winters create an emotional response to the height and fall of a remarkable era of space travel. Full of intricate details and large scale launch photographs, it gives a glimpse into America's space program and the beauty and power of the space shuttle."—Cara Dibbs (AASL)

"This is a stunning photographic tribute to America's space shuttle program, which saw more than 350 people explore the last frontier-space in 135 missions. The author's recorded images capture the space shuttle's incredible power and transcendent beauty—from the take-off blast, to the marvelous technology of the space shuttle itself."—Teri Maggio (CODES/RUSA)


Marcus, Greil and Werner Sollors

A New Literary History of America

Belknap Press of Harvard University Press

"This is an amazing book that spans American history through literary and not so literary themes. It looks at the invention that quite frankly is America through the eyes of some amazing writers. It not only takes the reader on an awesome journey but also makes you want to learn more."—Hilary Albert (CODES/RUSA)

"This fun and engaging book stretches the traditional definition of literary'. Its attention to all things' used to communicate thoughts in print and digital formats allows the editors to tell the complex story of literary history' in modern times. The book adds refreshing new perspectives to tried and true' themes in traditional literary criticism and would be a good addition to college and high school library collections supporting advanced English/Literature/Language Arts curricula."—Rebecca J. Pasco (AASL)


Coleman, Jeffrey Lamar

Words of Protest, Words of Freedom: Poetry of the American Civil Rights Movement and Era

Duke University Press

"An outstanding general collection of poems written from 1955 to 1975 highlighting the American Civil Rights struggle. The poets are both well known and unknown and this collection will be a valuable addition to any high school and college library's civil rights and black history collection."—Rebecca J. Pasco (AASL)


Uchida, Kyoko

Elsewhere: Poems

Texas Tech University Press

"This poetry is filled with beautiful, simple lines. The poems show a yearning to belong as the writer moves back and forth between two lands without seeming to belong to either one."—Hilary Albert (CODES/RUSA)


Cowgill, Kent

Sunlit Riffles and Shadowed Runs: Stories of Fly Fishing in America

Terrace Books, an imprint of The University of Wisconsin Press

"I'm not a fisherman but I loved these stories. Using fly fishing to tie the stories together, Cowgill pulls readers into his world. His stories deal more with human interactions and needs than with how long or how heavy the catch is. He makes subtle comments on the human condition while never beating you over the head with his views. I highly recommend this for high school readers on up."—Richard E.B. Lord (AASL)


Martinez, Demetria

The Block Captain's Daughter

University of Oklahoma Press

"A beautiful read. This is a story that brings the immigrant world closer to those of us who might not understand. A prose of remarkable simplicity, yet it glows like the candlelight it should be read by."—Hilary Albert (CODES/RUSA)


Collins, Billy (Editor)

(Paintings by David Allen Sibley)

Bright Wings: An Illustrated Anthology of Poems About Birds

Columbia University Press

"An absolutely stunning collection of poems and paintings of birds. Each poem is accompanied by a picture of the bird being represented. The book includes a lovely introduction by Billy Collins."—Hilary Albert (CODES/RUSA)

"This is no ordinary bird book'. It is an elegant partnership of verse and visuals that both inform and inspire. A reader is quickly mesmerized by the clarity of the illustrations supported by long and short poems by everyone from the classical Whitman to the mysterious Plath. Readers and writers at the high school, college and professional level serious about poetry will appreciate both the artistry and the angst."—Rebecca J. Pasco (AASL)


Austen, Jane

(Edited by Bharat Tandon)

Emma: An Annotated Edition

Belknap Press of Harvard University Press

"I was thrilled to get this volume! The whole series has been beautifully done and this is no exception. The annotations are helpful and the introduction puts the novel in context."—Hilary Albert (CODES/RUSA)

"This lavishly illustrated, coffee-table sized edition of Emma by Jane Austen offers historical annotations by Bharat Tandon. The book offers text based on the first edition, introductory material, and extensive notes to provide clarity for modern audiences who otherwise might be unfamiliar with Austen's allusions. The book includes lists for further reading and is a useful reference both for Emma fans and for those reading it for the first time."—Virginia L. Stone (AASL)


Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft

(Edited by Susan J. Wolfson and Ronald Levao)

The Annotated Frankenstein

Belknap Press of Harvard University Press

"Like all the books in this series a great deal of attention is paid to the layout and beauty of the book itself. The introduction to this book is particularly fascinating with a history of Mary Shelley and a history of the book."—Hilary Albert (CODES/RUSA)


Fisher, Marjorie M., et al. (Editors)

Ancient Nubia: African Kingdoms on the Nile

The American University in Cairo Press

"This large, handsome volume constitutes a comprehensive archaeological survey of this region on the border between Egypt and Sudan, much of which was buried underwater as a result of dam construction. Features a gazetteer of all of the key archaeological sites in the region, and includes readable, well-sourced essays by specialists on history, culture, art, religion, daily life, and more. Richly illustrated with maps, drawings, and color photographs of artifacts."—Emily Keller (CODES/RUSA)


Barkley, John Lewis

(Introduction and notes by Steven Trout)

Scarlet Fields: The Combat Memoir of a World War I Medal of Honor Hero

University Press of Kansas

"This book is a memoir of a First World War Medal of Honor winner. Dough boy Barkley's unvarnished view of the war draws readers in. He tells his experiences in a clear straight forward manner. Some readers may be put off by his lack of political correctness, but his writing and use of language reflect his times. With next year marking the war's centennial, I highly recommend this book for high school, academic, and public libraries. It's one drawback is having no index."—Richard E.B. Lord (AASL)


Crowley, John, William J. Smyth, and Mike Murphy (Editors)

Atlas of the Great Irish Famine

New York University Press

"More than just a geographical survey, this hefty, handsome volume provides an interdisciplinary treatment of one of the greatest tragedies of the nineteenth century. Richly illustrated throughout with full-color maps, photographs, archival materials, and art. Essays address a wide range of issues, including environmental studies, economy, politics, regional dimensions, and emigration, constituting a thorough outline of the state of scholarship on the Great Irish Famine."—Emily Keller (CODES/RUSA)


Hill, Fiona and Clifford G. Gaddy

Mr. Putin: Operative in the Kremlin

Brookings Institution Press

"Peering into the soul' of Russian president Vladimir Putin has proved to be more difficult than once thought. Authors Hill and Gaddy detail Putin's complexity in a book that is both scholarly and accessible, positing six different identities of the man which have emerged throughout his political career. The big question is whether Putin can continue to reinvent himself to the satisfaction of the people of an ever-changing nation."—Sarah Nagle (CODES/RUSA)


Pash, Melinda L.

In the Shadow of the Greatest Generation: The Americans Who Fought the Korean War

New York University Press

"In the Shadow of the Greatest Generation is a rare glimpse into the American men and women who fought in the Korean War, squeezed in between the triumph of WWII and the unpopular Vietnam War. A well-researched insight into the make-up of the Korean War following the prosperous post war times, punctuated by personal stories of veterans showing the inconsistencies of the Korean War and the difficult time they had acclimating to a very different American way of life when they returned from duty. Melinda Pash documents the soldiers who fought in a forgotten war, overshadowed by the WWII generation but still filled with the same national pride to defend the freedom of democracy. They were truly America's last great generation."—Cara Dibbs (AASL)

"A mere five years after the United States was triumphant in World War II, and a decade or so before the upheaval of the Vietnam War, the so-called silent generation' was thrown into a distant and relatively unknown war. Returning home, they faced public apathy and private readjustment, and often struggled to cope with the war by ignoring their experiences as best they could. Sifting through archives and conducting countless interviews, the author has produced a sympathetic and much-needed portrait of this group of Americans who went to war young and spent many of their following years searching for remuneration, recognition, and meaning for their experiences."—Sarah Nagle (CODES/RUSA)


Felbab-Brown, Vanda

Aspiration and Ambivalence: Strategies and Realities of Counterinsurgency and State-Building in Afghanistan

Brookings Institution Press

"Brookings fellow Felbab-Brown has spent much of the last decade traveling, researching, and analyzing Afghanistan, its people, and the many struggles wracking this distant and troubled country. A decade of constant violence and occupation by both natives and world powers has left the country no more peaceful and stable. From her unique perspective, the author advises that some of the diplomatic and strategic mistakes of outsiders can still be corrected even as their presence is reduced, but governance and corruption issues still compromise progress and unity."—Sarah Nagle (CODES/RUSA)


Steinbeck, John (Edited by Thomas E. Barden)

Steinbeck in Vietnam: Dispatches from the War

The University of Virginia Press

"An intimate look at Steinbeck's growing disillusion with the war. This is a great supplement to any Vietnam Collection."—Hilary Albert (CODES/RUSA)


Schroeder-Lein, Glenna R.

Lincoln and Medicine

Southern Illinois University Press

"The controversies over the mental and physical conditions of the 16th presidential family are examined in light of today's medical knowledge, making the title informative, approachable, documented, and fascinating reading, shedding new light on the health issues of Lincoln's family. This medical history of Abraham Lincoln and his family lends itself to integrating this period of history and the practices of medicine of the times, providing a core resource for allied health curriculum in high schools, thus enhancing the study of both areas. Readers will learn about sixteenth century American history, culture, medical remedies and practices and be able to compare them to modern medical treatment and knowledge."—Gay Ann Loesch (AASL)


Taylor, Guy C.

(Edited by Kevin Alderson and Patsy Alderson)

(Introduction by Kathryn Shively Meier)

Letters Home to Sarah: The Civil War Letters of Guy C. Taylor, Thirty-Sixth Wisconsin Volunteers

The University of Wisconsin Press

"Newly found letters of Guy C. Taylor, a Union volunteer in the Civil War and a farmer with a young wife and son, provide readers with details of the conditions of war, outbreaks of measles and malaria, the lack of food and clothing, the endless waiting and trudging through forest and field from Petersburg, to Appomattox to D.C. The detailed experiences in the letters are told from a soldier's point of view and provide primary resource material to study, compare and analyze the war, allowing readers to learn firsthand of the struggles with loneliness, sanitation, money, sickness, and worry for those left at home. The 165 handwritten letters from March of 1864 to July of 1868 speak for the life and feelings of the soldier and make the book outstanding for students, scholars and history buffs, alike."—Gay Ann Loesch (AASL)


Carocci, Max

Warriors of the Plains: The Arts of Plains Indian Warfare

McGill-Queen's University Press

"Warriors of the Plains examines the Plains Indian warrior art-weapons, amulets, clothing and ceremonial objects- with emphasis on their ritual use and symbolic meanings. It integrates history, anthropology, and personal narrative with stunning color photographs."—Teri Maggio (CODES/RUSA)


Bonura, Sandra, and Deborah Day (Editors)

An American Girl in the Hawaiian Islands: Letters of Carrie Prudence Winter, 1890-1893

University of Hawaii Press

"The use of Carrie Prudence Winter's original letters is what allows this book to become a rare primary source on topics such as: women missionaries, the last days of Hawaii's monarchy, and a long-distance 19th century courtship. Ms. Winter's use of language paints a compelling picture, engaging a reader's imagination while they learn of a world few knew so intimately."—Stacey Hayman (CODES/RUSA)

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